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RE: What Are You Investing in Your Time?

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This is so on point & the timing of this post is amazing lol. I am in the middle of eliminating some things in my business that no longer serve my vision so I can focus on the things that do. It's a process so it doesn't happen overnight but as long as I am making progress, that is a good sign to me...

Time management is something I have always struggled with. I will always get things done regardless but sometimes in a frantic stressful way. LOL. I am always tweaking my schedule to allow it to work for me in a more positive way. Being efficient is better than being "busy". Busy doesn't always mean productive & I am learning that :)

Thank you for the tips. It's a good reminder for me & also shows me I am on the right path. It's all about balance (which will look different for everyone). I am more excited about things when I don't have to worry about running out of time for things that are important to me. 💖


Be productive, not busy :)

I tried hard to eliminate things that make me lazy :D

Thank you so much for making comment and reading my post. Have a great day @pixiepost :)

Sooooo, no binge watching Netflix or playing a Mafia game on your phone?? Darn ok.. check he he he 😂 JK!!!

Have an awesome day as well, girl! :) Keep smiling. 💚