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There was something I have been noticing lately among our society & even in our individual lives…the loss of focus….

It seems clarity has dimmed & multi tasking is at a high, but at what cost? That old saying “Less is more”completely describes this situation…

When we lose focus on the things we need to accomplish or give attention to, we lose out in many ways…we tend to keep running the rat race, trying to keep up & missing out on important things in life that really matter…

Here, I go into this topic with a slightly different perspective & how you can do a couple of things to change this almost instantaneously…

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I'm relieved that I can't do multitasking at all... So, I'm covered... :)

I didn't think about the term of single-tasking, but I totally agree with you... Focusing completely on one task (whatever it is), can make the final product so much valuable than when we are working on 30-50%...

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Absolutely! It took me awhile to realize that. Sometimes old habits die hard & I still do it, but anytime I do the single tasking, I noticed the results are so much better.

And you're definitely not alone lol. You were doing it right all along. 😂🤣

Thanks for the upvote & support! It means a lot 💚

I feel that eating the Frog last will suits me personally because I get energy levels increase as the day goes on.

I guess I'm a night owl

And that is cool. Some people operate better that way. It's about being mindful to your own body rhythms and helps you capture that focus you need. ❤️

Exactly Jenn

Wow that was a lot in one video Pixie, so to start with I don't do multitasking very often, maybe doing some commenting while my video is converting, but not more than that, I do spiral a bit out of control sometimes if there is just too much to do, but also pick myself up on time most of the time.

Eating the frog first lol, well starting with the big warty frog makes everything else easy after that, I think have some planning to adjust for that.

And good luck with your 1 of October project, I hear that !BEER is good for the Octoberfest, not sure if that is what you meant though lmao.

Keep up your great work, and stay awesome.

Ha ha hey I always welcome beer!! And thank you for that 🤣 It will go nicely with the Cryptobrewery game as I play lol.

Yeah I am nowhere perfect at this, to be completely transparent. But it's a work in progress. Sometimes it's a matter of figuring out what works for you! 😊

Thanks for watching. I appreciate your support & keep up your amazing work. 💗🙌😻

Yeah we are all works in progress, never ending ones lol.

Hey @pixiepost, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey Cuddle Kitten! Happy Friday :) 😻


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