Which Job/Profession would you choose, if you get a chance to RESTART your career!!

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Good morning everybody

I suppose all of us have gone through that stage where you felt like, if I could have done that job or if I would have got that designation my life would have been different.

A maximum number of people who are doing day jobs are probably not satisfied with what they are doing. As a result, they often wonder if they could shift to a different job or into a business of their own. Even I have that dream. Call that a dream or madness but I am pursuing it as of today.

What are your thoughts about it and if you get a chance to restart your career what would it be?? let me know in the comment section below.

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if I get a restart? I'd pick being a devs.

Ahh, sounds interesting. I have seen some DEV's closely and their profession maybe little odd but it adds up and has some positive perks indeed. Well, from what I heard if one starts today then there's still a high chance one get to be a decent DEV after a year or two! Btw hope you are enjoying the current profession of yours!!

yeah, there will be more demands in the future. I am not enjoying my current profession. It's boring. That's why I want a reset.