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Good morning/evening everybody

Can you imagine, you have your own city in Hive Blockchain aka in Dcity. It is somehow not believable but it is happening. HIVE users are creating their own CITY in DCITY. Technically, I also am an owner of a city in this game. I have people, workers, houses, police stations, football stadiums, immigrants, and much more in my city. Does it sound exciting? Let me take you on a small tour of my city.

This is how my City Looks !!


Name of the Game : dCITY (
The currency of the City : SIM (Trade-able in HIVE-Engine)

Basic information about Dcity :

dCITY will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Hive-Engine NFT tokens. The NFT tokens represent assets in the game, individual cards are buildings and the total collection of your cards is your city.

Now when it comes to HIVE based games, we are here to not waste our time but to get some benefits for our time. Like @splinterlands it was a huge success among users and make no mistake DCity is walking towards that path. It has already got some HYPE among users and people are investing heavily in this game. One other thing that I probably forgot to mention, if you do not have deep pockets, then probably the RIO will not interest you that much. But if you invest in a nice amount, this could be one of the nice ways to earn PASSIVELY from DCity.

There are several tutorials available by different users from basics. Check out some posts out in here

As I have invested some HIVE in here, let me share how much am I getting for close to no effort at all. Honestly, I am in no fund category right now, or else I would have invested some more HIVE to make my ROI little bit more interesting.

  • My Population: 168
  • My Income : 101 SIM everyday
  • My Popularity : 90


At current market price 101 SIM = 0.54136 SWAP.HIVE ($0.120036). Not that much indeed. But there are so much happening behind the scene and early birds are getting the fruits of this game.

Some insights about numbers :

50% from card sells and posts rewards goes to HIVE pool, 1.5% of that is distributed daily based on Top 200 ranking by population. Current reward Pool : 135817 HIVE

I am currently on the top 300 and honestly, I want to invest some more but only if I could at this moment. So just have to stick to what it is right now and in few more days, I hope I will be looking into it.

This game is pricy quite similar to Splinterlands, if you want to get some decent ROI, so do your own due diligence and then go ahead. This is not any kind of financial advice, I enjoy this game, hence sharing my insights about it.

Images used in the post are SS from Dcity and Hive-Engine.


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