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Hello green lovers...

There are a lot of people who likes to have a garden of their own and likes to plant different plants and take care of them and nurture those plants to bear fruits. I suppose it gives those people another kind of satisfaction. I have one of those kind of person at my home. My other does that a lot and whenever she gets a chance she tries to plant vegetables, fruits or any kind of plants that has a chance of growing in our small roof top garden that she made.

The recent addition of the garden was Red Spinach. As you can see it is grown up and we will probably have them soon. As I was walking on the roof top today I noticed she planted some other plants as well like Green chili, Naga chili which have not grown yet. But once they grows I will definitely share them with you all.

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Well, I am not that much fond of vegetables and honestly I have a very small list of choise vegetables that I usually like and red spinach is one of them. While I like to have them in two ways. The first process is as Pakoras and or as stirred. But I do prefer more as pakoras. I do have them as an iftar item almost everyday. I will probably make a blog about it. Stay tuned !!

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I wish I was living in a country side with most of the facilities that I get in the city but a little more spacious space in front of my house or in the backyard, to make a small garden or a playground to pass the time. City life is amazing I am not arguing to that but some of the facilities that we do not have that kind of sukkkkzzz.

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There are some benefits of having Red spinach which many of us are not aware of

Red spinach is oxalate free. Red spinach also contains iron which is essential for your blood health. It is super significant for any endurance activity and even more important to prevent anemia. read more

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Nowadays, there are so many ways the farmers are using to make vegetables. Some are being honest with their way of process while some are using pesticides (harmful for human body) in plantation and making the production harmful for our health. Even after all that sometimes we can not do what we want. We do rely on them for producing this kind of vegetables for us. I hope they make the right decision for their plantation and not only look into their profits but save the people who will be having their vegetables.

Well, that is for the roof top garden today and I will be back if something new adds up in the garden to share it with you.

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Growing what you can, organically, where you're at? That's important stuff.

Do you stir fry it with garlic? Or use as a salad vegetable?

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