I need your help!

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I need your help


I have a problem - I sent STEEM with the wrong MEMO it is an exchange - now the support service requires a HASH / TXID transaction.
Where can I see HASH / TXID transactions?
I immediately provided them
Transaction ID 95938444b1e7baf8142452508f16828923475a55 but they say that this address is too long - that it is not HASH
I will be thanked for the help!


Sorry for that, I can't Help you myself.
But Hopefully if One of These Masters Online, you will get your answer

Sorry i cant help , i hope one of the others can help you

Sorry you are right
Hello, need the relevant specialist to email you.
The relevant specialist has now taken a rest and will contact your email within 24 hurs

That's what Huobi answered - I have been proving to them for 2 hours that this is a hash of a transaction) It is profitable to sell STEEM and buy HIVE now I will not succeed)

I guess you have to wait till they contact you

This is my mistake and now I'm paying for it!
Always when making transactions, check the data entered.
Good luck

Maybe they will come with a solution

I had this problem before. @mcfarhat was able to help me. I gave the trx id to the exchange and it was accepted. So, try @mcfarhat, he is always helpful.

Thank you - I'm waiting for a letter from Huobi - they promised to solve the problem - thanks for the help!

My pleasure.