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RE: You still think Justin is a man of his word and wants to negotiate with our witnesses and the community? WRONG!

in GEMSlast year

Well, He can do a hard fork and take over, but I think, that will just make him more poorer. The community will ultimately find out some way.


He needs 17 consensus witnesses to do that. He can't do shit...yet

Maybe he agreed with binance to use the power-down funds to vote their witness until they can fork the chain. He may have shown them SP numbers that make this feasable before 13 weeks.

Once they fork, they perform a token swap and binance announces that every platform user can "withdraw steem" (but it will be a token on TRON). They could legally say that the tron token is the "official STEEM" because the majority of voting witnesses aka "community" (in the perverted vision of Justin Sun) decided it to be.

I guess that's the plan.