Happy BirthDay to ME

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April 16 reminds me of many things! First it reminds me that God loves and cares for me. Without the grace of God, I won't be alive to see today. So, firstly, I am grateful to God. April 16 also reminds me that I'm getting old and as such, I should take a close look at myself and ask myself questions like; are you actually growing? are you increasing in value or depreciating? are you relevant?


In answering these questions, I can say that I am proud of myself and the person I am becoming. Over the few years I have lived, I am convinced that I am valuable and relevant judging from the testimonials of many. However, I'm aspiring and working hard on increasing in value and relevance.


Today, I look back and I see that I have achieved a great lot through the help and grace of God. I believe that I will achieve more in the years to come. I wish myself a very happy birthday. I will live long and I will fulfill purpose.

If your hands are not busy, do well to drop your wishes in the comment section.

Happy BirthDay to ME!

Cheers to more success
Cheers to good health
Cheers to happiness


Happy birthday to you, we wish you many more years to celebrate with good health

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Happy birthday tomlee
This new age looks good on you o
See as you just dey fresh

Happy birthday in arrears Sir! Greater you is my prayer.

I'm still getting gifts

Alright, send me a weekly reminder.
And maybe after you fulfill your part of our previous bargain, I'll consider this.