5 Pillars of Hive for newbies and existing users.

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Hive has been alive for months, and our community has been doing well. We all know that Hive is the most successful fork of the Steem blockchain and this put a big thought of what truly a community is in my mind. There is no perfect place. What makes a place perfect are the people living in there. Hive is already a success so there is no need to sweet mouth it. However, many people and communities have been bringing in newbies to Hive, so I thought of writing about 5 pillars to newbie and existing users.

Without further ado, let’s roll!


  • It doesn’t matter how you start, you came in at the right time.

This blogging blockchain started in 2016 before we all migrated from Steem to Hive. Some people started the journey from the inception and they found the benefits of joining early, while some joined after 2 years and still find the benefits of joining early. What this means is that it does not matter when you join. If you are just joining, you are here at the right time. And it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, you have a home here.

  • Stay healthy and share good works.

We have many communities here so you need not search on Google for the best healthy foods, exercise, and how to get better. There are many educative contents in here to make Hive home for you. The members of this community only want to get better. Hive is here to make a change. Love your life and make it better. Focus on growth and be better.


  • Live in the arena, don’t watch.

Do not come here to watch. Feel among and be among. There is greater happiness in participating in the events here. Do not be a bystander. We explore, engage, invent, and invest. All these will hand you the full fun of being a member of this community.

  • Become better and improve your life and the world around you.

When you become better, you affect the world around you. Nothing can stop you from growing in this community than lack of consistency. It may not come as fast as you may wish, but if you are consistent, you don’t have a limit. Once you are better, affect people in your environment. Bring more people to Hive to enjoy the improvements you are gaining.


  • There is a room for anyone at the top. (No magic, hard work)

As you may know, hard work works. There is space at the top for everyone on Hive. But you need to take the right ladder. Do not use a ladder suffering from termites (spamming). Show quality in everything you do. Your content represents you and everything you do will be valued based on everyone perspectives. Remember, this is a place for everyone and anyone to talk freely. Don’t be the judge of your work and do not let bad minded people pull you down from the top.

Love, support, positive and encouragement - we believe in each other.


Great post, man!!! I liked it very much!

I would add just one thing to the list...

  • Don't give up after a week... Build for the long-term and enjoy the journey with awesome people here!

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Thank you so much and you are right with this

Don't give up after a week... Build for the long-term and enjoy the journey with awesome people here!

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Thank you!