Set no expectation for your post reward on Hive, or pick $0.01. Here is why…

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We all value the work that we do, but we should not judge them. This is one thing we do that makes us feel we are not doing enough or our work is not being valued. I have been here for quite a while and I have published thousands of posts. I have seen that valued is based on perception, and what you think your followers/community would like will differ from your perspective.

I don’t spend excessive time working on a post. Most of my post takes 1 or 2 hrs to finish, and this includes the proofreading, formatting and graphics. But there was a day, I used almost two days to prepare a post. I did much research. Picked many cases and wrote over 2,000 words. After the entire work, I published, and I got $2.0 from this post. And I was like, all the two day’s efforts?



Here is the thing — aside the facts that most communities and whales here have curators, the blockchain is wide and other people could see and give you some supports, either through votes or comment. I remember when I commented on someone’s post expressing what I would have done if I had the power to vote the post to trending. Peoples reply matters, and this also counts in quality and views.

Don’t think — everyone should like this post.

Your mind is not everyone’s mind. You should not believe because you spent 3 days on a post will mean that when you publish, it will be voted to the moon. You should just believe that you have done your part, and it is left for the community to react to your work, setting no expectation of what would happen on the post.

Maintain no or little expectation

Don’t bring yourself down because of expectation. I have seen some real shitty posts that had $50 on it and quality content had $0.50. But in the actual sense, what is shitty and what is quality? If I dislike any contents that are related to food and someone likes it and votes it to the high, what would be my mindset? “This shitty post”, but it is not shitty to the person. So, we all have views on what we define as valuable contents.

In other not to demotivate or exhaust yourself, set no expectation on any of your content. This will get you going smoothly and you will find more fun posting on the blockchain. Instead of setting expectation, adopt a growth mindset. Focus on your growth and how you will keep getting better in your work and you will find more lasting rewards in everything you do.


But if you feel like, oh, no — I like to set something to remain consistent.

How about you say, $0.10 on every post? Ridiculous, hell no! Pick from the bottom, not from the average. Sometimes, I will post and won’t check it for hours, only to get there to see decent amounts of votes, and sometimes, it will be as if no one finds any value in it. But, since I set no expectation on my posts, I have the fun to keep posting.

The fun on Hive is more than the dollar bill. Enjoy your adventure here.

Thank you!

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wow, what a great post! You have told the actual way to enjoy with own work. If we just focus our works in the first place rather than just for money, it will automatically set value on our works. Thanks for sharing this kinda awesome posts on hive. This is very needful for all the members of hive.

Thank you. I am glad you find it useful.

This is good advice. You have to enjoy the process to stick at it, and occasionally and hopefully more often in the future, the content will get more eyes and support.

Yea, absolutely! I noticed that many people get tired of posting when they don’t get anything on their posts. So, it important that people should enjoy Hive with or without votes.

Thank you!

Totally agree :)

Awesome post, man!

After almost 2 years, I have persuaded my wife to join the Hive and start with content creation... She did 2-3 posts, and she was lucky to receive some nice upvotes... After that, she got a couple of cents upvote and got disappointed...

And then she started to compare her posts with mine... Like, her expectations were that she will do the same in just a couple of days...

So, yes... The only valid approach would be to keep your head down, and create, engage, and focus on growth... upvotes will come down the road...

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Thank you for the wonderful comment. I hope she still find some fun here. :)