Three (3) Big keys to be successful on Hive after knowing the basics keys.

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Hello Hivers, there are some posts which might be like this out there. Many people have created guides for New and old Hivers to become successful here on Hive. There are many basic things to know for newbies and @sidwrites has created many. Anyone looking for the basics and some fundamental things to know about Hive should check through his posts

I also made one some weeks ago, and I talked about many keys, but I will make some emphasis on this post because this is majorly all you need to be successful on Hive. Now, it depends on what drives your happiness, engagement, reward or what?

The Hive blockchain aim to create a censorship free place and a place to earn through a consensus voting system. I celebrated my 3 years on Steem/Hive a week ago, and I reflected on how far I have gone. Many people started before me and could not stay because they got discouraged, while many started after me and are well known and successful on the blockchain till now. Even when they sneeze and post on the blockchain people will like the sound, you wish to know why?

Be Relevant, engage and post consistently.

Be Relevant

Many newbies and old guys here are struggling with this. There is a price for everything, and many people have paid the price for fame. There are guys that their posts will never payout without having $20 on it, no matter the content. Most of these guys have paid the price for fame and they have been contributing to the blockchain in one way another.
There are several ways you could do this, but it depends on your skills. I will mention nothing but know that when you give to the blockchain, it will pave more ways for you.



This is your second big key to be successful here. If you can give much to Hive, engage with those that are relevant and communities here. Experience is the best teacher as they used to say. For over 3 years, a day has never passed that I will not check and all I see for fast success are — Join communities, chat within discord communities, follow updates, take part in activities, read blogs on Hive and give constructive comment, don’t spam and make friends. Do not be aggressive, but be consistent. If you can do these, you will find Hive pretty interesting.

Post consistently.

I don’t want to mention names, but I know one guy here that I used to laugh when he started here. He posts practically everything he does in his house. He engages a lot and doesn’t care about the value he gets on his posts. He focuses on posting and keeps improving every time, to cut short, He is now among the top earners on Hive.

You should post consistently; It is important you focus on quality while you post, but remember posting quality without engaging with the right community will only leave you in frustration. I have made many high-quality posts that only get $0.10. And sometimes, I will make something average in quality and get $15-20. Why? You need to set a foundation for your contents here, which is by joining the right communities and engaging with the right people. Ensure you post a minimum of a post a day, but if you can post 3 times, it would be great.

It is not late to start your adventure here. Do not be weary. Pick up the fun and start using the 3 major keys, but don’t forget the fundamentals while you use these three keys.

Thank you!

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This is SOLID advice.

Relevancy, engagement, and consistency. Nailed it. 😀

Thanks mate! You are doing great work here on Hive. KEEEEP THE FIRE ON!