How do I earn cryptocurrencies through Blogging ?

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How do I earn cryptocurrencies through Blogging ?


Through the last 3 months I have started to use different platforms in order to see what was out there and to meet Crypto fans out of my circle.

Here is a list of Projects, Blockchains where you can EARN cryptocurrencies without having to invest $. I hope you will enjoy it and tell me if I forgot some big platforms !

I would have put the LBRY blockchain but I unfortunately do not make videos (yet?) 🙂.

Hive Blockchain



Well as most of you know I am writing on Hive daily and engaging with many fellow Hivers. I also founded the HODL Community, A Crypto Social Community

You can also earn different tokens thanks to tribes.

I mostly post on Hive and communities such as #leofinance and #ctp as most of my content is relating to these communities. But you also have photography, food, writing.... communities with some of them rewarding you extra tokens that you can either stake to have a bigger impact in this community or sell for Hive.

All of this Staking/Trading is taking place on Hive-engine or LeoDex.

As Hive has a big community and a lot of games using either Hive tokens or their own developped tokens (Such as $DEC for Splinterlands, $SIM...) you can also discover many other way to earn Hive (or to spend it 😅).

I have been on STEEM before and I can say that the HIVE Blockchain is where most of my Blogging revenues come from (North of 100-150$ per month). Do not forget it takes time to engage and meet other Hivers and if you think you will just post your content and earn right away, this will not be the case.

The key is connected with people interested in the same subject and working your way to interact with them and everything else will ultimately follow.

Using this link you can create a Hive Account for free seamlessly: I will onboard you and delegate your first 25 Hive Power so you can start interracting with the community !




I discovered this UI rewarding its users (readers or writers) with a stack of Cryptocurrencies they were given for various reasons. They pay you in $DAI $BAT $LRC. They also hold a lot of contests and you can discover cool projects on there.

I like it as it is curated in a very nice way with only quality posts on the front-page and quite well organized. I believe it misses a bit of interactions but this is starting to pick up.

As any new platform it took me a full month to have followers and people actually voting my blogs.
When you vote for someone you decide the split between the curator (you) and the writer. Just know that over the long term, it will not change your rewards to give more to the writer.

Taking everything into account, I think I have been earning $25 in July (which was my best month by far). Which is not too bad and I just send these cryptocurrencies to my wallet and HODL 🙂.

If you would like to try it out: use my link and I will follow you and give you your first tips:




UpTrennd is an easy to understand Crypto Social Network.

You have different communities and topics that you can follow. You create posts and upvote the ones you like. By writing a post/comment that's being upvoted, you gain points that you can use to level up or to sell against $. The higher your level, the more your upvote will be worth and also other Uptrenndians might take you more seriously.

This is the platform where I earn the least ( probably 3-4$ per month) but I believe Jeff and the team are making a lot of updates.

Back in June, they had a lot of people "gaming and spamming" the platform. They managed to clear it out and even if there are less people at least we have better content and users.

Therefore, I bet in the future these 1up tokens (Uptrennd native tokens) might be worth much more.

They should release an android app in the coming months.


image.png is also a very new and easy to understand Crypto Social Network. It is funded by donations in $BCH and then people create smallcommunities where you can post.

There is an algorithm that distribute these rewards daily to member depending on the number of points they earned. These points are distributed base on likes, views, comments...

I have tried it and continue to post as they are increasing the platform that is really basic at the moment.

So let's see what the future holds ! 😅

You can use my referral if you would like to join and do not forget to follow me on there too:

STEEM Blockchain



Well, this used to be my home but as a lot of Steemians, we migrated to Hive after Justin Sun's takeover.

I only post to get some STEEM and sell them right away.

Lately Steemit Inc. (the company Justin Sun bought) has been starting a power down. I do not know why but this is not positive imho.


➡️ Be paid daily to browse with Brave Internet Browser
➡️ A secure and easy wallet to use: Atomic Wallet
➡️ Publish0x
➡️ UpTrennd
➡️ Minds
➡️ Hive
➡️ Twitter
➡️ Facebook


Never heard of some of these. I will see if I can cross post some of my things over there. It’s a bit tough because lots of my posts have images in them so I don’t know if my hive posts will show over to them, the pictures.

You can do it easily on Publish0x. They just announced they are now giving $ETH as rewards (as well as $BAT and $LRC).

Don't forget my link ;).

Cheers mate

Upvote-Potter.gif Upvoted, reposted, and saved for later so I can sign up for the ones I haven't used yet.

I appreciate it 😉. Thanks

You seem like the kind of person always up for earning some extra crypto where you can, have you done all the coinbase earn promotions yet? I'll check out publish0x and use your ref link, if you haven't done the coinbase ones yet you can check out the post I did about it and earn a little free crypto that way.

They never allowed me to do so. I still don’t know why. I am from Europe 😂

Strange, I always wonder how they decide who gets to and who doesn't. I'm wondering if it has something to do with how much currency you hold on there or how old your account is.

I didn't hear about, will check that one... ;) Thanks for sharing!

Great options for blogging and for reaching more people...

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Thank you for your kind comment ! I posted it on other platforms and I already on boarded 2 new Hivers ! 😉

That's great! Hive onboarding in progress! :)

Earn cryptocurrency while blogging has been my passion the last 3 years! 😊

And look at you now ! Almost a multi-millionaire ! 😎

hahahahaha! 😂

Next bull run we will be!

Nice post. If you're looking for someone to upvote over on Steem. I use it for the same thing you do. I swap directly to hive using it works well.

I will try to when I will see your posts. I am mostly going to use full auto vote 😂. Might put your name in later this weekend. But I have only 7k SP nothing great hehe

I'm chilling at 500 so...🤣

The auto voter I previously used stopped and I didn't want to waste the energy to set up another. Plus I just delegated most to boomerang so I can pull the liquid without having to rely on powerdowns so much.

Question: In Publish0x are donations voluntary? i.e. content creators get paid for the work they do?.

Donations are donated via deals / partnerships to the platform. Everyday a part of this is allocated to the content creators / tippers. It does not come out of anybody's pocket except the platform's

Thanks for reply! so if i make a post, however a small amount is recognized to me? as in HIVE?

Indeed ! Also when you tip other writers (with the platform's money)

Thanks for reply. It doesn't seem to me that it is a blockchain application and this does not attract my interest, at least for now

Indeed it is not. It is a centralized blog/social network that distributes crypto currencies

@vlemon I like your profile! Thanks for information. Keep in touch!

Nice! I never even heard of Read.Cash or UpTrennd! Uptrennd is a terrible name I must say

Haha it is ! It used to be a shitpost show but they cleaned the platform. Waiting to see you on there 😉

You just may my friend

Very useful post!

A lot of places to check out. A nice breakdown of them all.

You definitely should to get more $$$ for your content 😀 and then you can buy more Hive

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You should, it has quite a nice UI even if it is not a "blockchain" (which they never claim to be).
Shout me your @ once you sign in

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