POB staking details - 2nd May to 8th May - @onealfa leading the charts this week.

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Good morning to everyone . I had announced previously that I will post data every Sunday regarding staking POB.

@proofofbrainio and others will upvote them itseems .

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


This contains staking POB data from 25th April to 1st May. ( Sunday to Saturday)

Data related to POB staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 1710 ( last week = 1573 times)

POB number of times users staked.png

How many unique users staked POB?

  • 440 (last week = 382 users)

Number of unique users who staked POB .png

Total POB staked during this period

  • 41540.83 POB (last week = 35163.69 POB )

Total POB staked.png

Mean POB staked at once

  • 24.29 POB ( last week = 22.35 POB )

Average POB staked at a time.png

Top 25 stakers


Amount vs. Account.png

@onealfa.pob is just breaking the charts right now .

So @proofofbrainio here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Note: All the rewards from this post will go directly to Engagement Project .

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)


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How many unique users staked POB?
(last week = 382 users)

Current week's number is missing here.
Total number of tokens and mean number both are more tan last week, that's really encouraging. A lot of strong commitment by all the stackers.

Fixed it :) Thanks harpreet .

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Didn't make the top 25 this week, got side tracked by offline life and also gave away some POB in contests...

So this week gotta work harder, to get back up there!!!

Thanks for all your hard work! Just love looking at this charts!


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I barely made the top 25 list. Please don't knock me off next week by getting on the list. Maybe we can conspire to get @coininstant or @phusionphil pushed off the next top 25 list to make room for you instead?😅

Gamification of the rewards pool, i like it!

You got my attention here... Let's talk business! =D

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I'm in the same boat. Day job stifles my online time and energy. I am great on POB on the weekends... Lol

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Lol me too . I wish this was my job :p

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also gave away some POB in contests...

That's very kind of you :) Thank you for doing that .

I can understand that sometimes we get busy in real life and can't be active here . Hope we see you more this week :)

Just love looking at this charts!

Thank you very much @fireguardian .

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@onealfa is not at the #1 🧠 spot already? I think it was due last time.

His bar in the graph is going out of bounds. 😂

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He is almost there :p

I am sure within a week or two , he will be in the 1st spot .

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Awesome. That's so cool.

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I think @onealfa aimed for that position and struck it down.

You gotta admire his hard work and dedication.

A good dude to have as inspiration for others, fair play and a well deserved congrats to him.

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I agree with you on this @jaxsonmurph. His commitment is admirable!

Definitely inspiring others to do great things.

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Glad you agree @finguru He is also a really nice guy, I have had some brief communications with him a really nice guy, I am glad to see him reach his goals.

We couldn't ask for a better role model to inspire others.

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True. We need more people like him to inspire us. I like the way he spends his precious time supporting everyone. It's commendable.

I messaged him once and he was so sweet to me as well. \m/

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A true gentleman, we could certainly do with more like him inspiring others, that's what make these platforms so engaging.

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The numbers are so high for the top 25 and I was thinking I was doing quite well with 70-100 a week or so.

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You are doing quite well with 70-100 a week. That is big stake early on. Don't let the whale race slow your motivation. That's $100 last week!

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Yea I plan on building slowly. I guess it will be another week or two and I should be able to reach 1k PoB. The large stakeholders are fighting it out for bigger stakes early on though.

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Very true :) 100$ a week is amazing , this is the right time to get some usecase for POB according to me .

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agreed or a road map or something but am loving it and there's plenty to go around then add in contests and such, people I hope don't get intimidated by people who got in earlier or cheaper, a lot just want to see like you said @amr008 some more concrete direction in a few areas before they invest or not. :)

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Very good advice.

It is better to focus on your own plans and not be distracted by others.

This way you cannot be dissapointed and will take on the marathon mindset rather than a fast race to the top

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70-100 is not bad . Right now , if you have to get more than 500 then there are only two ways according to me - post daily for 7 days or just buy from market .

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Lol. Even if I were to post daily, I don't think I would get 500. Maybe because I am not targetting PoB directly and use it more as a general tag.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I congrats all the people on this list.

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Hey @theindiantrader , thanks for stopping by . I am from India too but I don't trade hehe.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful stats...it is good to know that there is more staking done on POB...@amr008.pob

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My pleasure @stemaddict :)

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onealfa did say he was going to start ramping things up over there and so far I'd have to say they have!
Good increases on new users. Still kind of shows how small the hive network it should 440 people on one of the highest valued tokens on Hive is rather small. Just gotta keep at it and continue that growth.

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Oh yeah , for the past 3 weeks he has been leading the charts here .

True 440 is less but historically speaking , this is the highest here on POB . Every week we are seeing more and more numbers .

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Strong hands here at POB. Great to see we have many believers. Would love to see how this community develop overtime

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Me too jersteemit . If we get some usecases , I am sure we will be able to maintain the hype and the prices .

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Yh. I hope the team find one asap so keep the momentum

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Thank you for compiling this useful data. Next week, hopefully I make the cut.

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Hehe , will be rooting for you to make the cut :)

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Thanks for compiling and publishing the data. Probably the most encouraging for me is seeing that we have 58 more users in the community. Still small but can't argue with more than 10% growth in a week.

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I agree with you on that one .

It is growing , slowly but surely .

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wow this is really a good Challenge, and I'm not surprised to see onealfa priming the ladder in the list of stakers. Nice stats @amr008

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This is good information to know, I love the statistical aspect and knowledge learned is second to none.

It is a good thing to keep up on all the movement within the tribe.
Thanks for sharing.

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