Creating Passive Income Streams With Crypto

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If you haven't noticed by now I love passive income. It's the single most effective way to scale wealth. You only have so much time in the day so trading hours for money eventually runs out. However putting that money to work for you ends up netting you amazing results over time.


The Old Ways

Stocks - Stocks where often the holly grail of making passive income through high paying dividend stocks. It wasn't until recently that many started investing in even higher yields such as REITs which are real estate investment trusts. Yes these tend to still pay high dividends normally 6% - 12% there is always a good bit of risk to them as well. However this one passive method allows you to be hands free and collect money on your money along with hopes of appreciation on the stock. Even at 6% dividend yield this greatly offsets what you might earn in a savings account. Some of these dividends can also be claimed as a qualified dividend which means you pay less come tax day on your earnings often times around 15% instead of 22% +

P2P Lending or Peer to Peer lending is where you use a 3rd party system to lend someone money in exchange for them paying you back over time. Depending on risk levels this can earn you anywhere between 3% - 22% which includes those going into default.


The New Ways With Crypto

Blogging - Yes, blogging was often a awesome way to make passive income and in some ways it can be. However chances and the amount of work that has to be put into making that happen are often massive or lucky. So was born a new way called Proof Of Brain which is started by the HIve network. By writing quality articles and building engagement with a community you can start earning crypto on your content and sharing these articles across many other crypto platforms.

DeFi - Just like a bank would loan you money for a mortgage or a student loan and then pay them back a percent over time. DeFi offers just that but in crypto allowing you to add your money "crypto" into liquidity to allow fast trading between cryptos and moving them from one place to another. In exchange the DeFi platform will most likely reward you in their native token.

For example CUBFinance offers just that and awards those who provide the liquidity with CUB token which holds a value based on fees collected from the swaps.

DeFi really is the new holly grail of passive income. While all passive income takes some time, capital or work it's important to note the the scalability of it is nearly endless.

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Earning cryptos via blogging is an interesting way of earning passive income....@bitcoinflood

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For now I'll rather focus on the new ways. Thanks to crypto and Defi's with its amazing returns.

I believe we are yet to see the best it can offer

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I'll be heavily starting to invest in DeFi starting this week with CubDeFi!

Great. Will be doing likewise before the pump starts

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Just holding stable coins right now and getting paid in bitcoin has been great for my passive income.

Nice what platform are you using if you don't mind my asking?

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Everyone keeps talking about it but knowing my luck I'll join toss a bunch in and it will get shut down lol

Earning with blogging is great, everyone can do it. And no need of any investment.

If you ask me, I will invest in both the old ways and the new ways

This is because having multiple sources of passive income is a blessing on rainy days and most times cos if one hand fails, you have where to fall back on

But if all else fails, you have learned lessons that build your confidence for the next level of investment opportunities and portfolios.

So I will have the stock up but in real estate, as you said, and then invest in blogging as well as defi

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Both ways is smart! Never put all your eggs in one basket. Crypto and DeFi is very high risk at the moment which is why you see these huge gains right now.

Thank you very much for agreeing

Crypto and DeFi is very high risk at the moment which is why you see these huge gains right now.

I agree with you on this dear. We just need to know how much risk we are willing to take, and go ahead and do it.

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Don't forget one of my favorite ways to earn passive income: dripcoins. Things like EDS, BRO, LEN, LIST, COM, etc...all pay you things just for hodling them. And then there are the projects like UTOPIS, LBI, SPI, and coming soon, CubLife. These all pay dividends again, just for hodling them. It is fun and amazing to see bags continue to grow day after day without having to do anything. There are also miners to pay passively as well. Lot's of great ways to make money while you sleep. Good article!

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Very true I own many of these include the miners themselves so it's for sure an awesome passive income. In fact much of my leo was earned by staking mega miners when it first launched.

Absolutely. It's amazing to think how many opportunities we have nowadays to achieve wealth and riches compared to our fathers and forefathers back in the day. Holding a couple of bitcoins and becoming rich from nothing was unthinkable 100 years ago, yet here we are.

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The new ways are very interesting and I'm so glad that I have found them and found a community that helps each other in spreading the knowledge. I'm starting slowly into defi with CubFinance. and hope to learn more.

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A great spot to start. Trusted company and amazing team and community that helps each other out.

i am with you with this!

Things had changed a lot in last few months/years.
People are ditching old ways of earning and trying a lot of new things.
I like earning by blogging because you are not investing any money but your time.
DeFi is another good way to earning. These are only passive earning s though.
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With some real effort you could turn this into your full time income. It's a little difficult though as you do need to be powering up.

Yeah, for now i am considering this as my future source of income. Like an old age pension.
I want to power up and accumulate as much as i can so that i have enough for steady active income source in the future.

The new ways are rather amazing, I must actually say, the evolution of passive income will even get better, Defi will even bring more opportunities more than we have now.

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What's really cool is the DeFi is less than a year old. There's plenty of more advancements to be made.

That's fine, for myself I'm interested in active earning. Curating content on Proof of Brain after getting a nice big stake.

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