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RE: The CryptoManiacs Podcast w/ Guest @brianoflondon

in Proof of Brain4 days ago

That was fantastic and thanks for just letting me speak and speak! I'm pretty excited by this and I got enough votes during the stream to get me passed the return proposal and then a few minutes later I passed the lower of the HBD buy back ones so it's funded.

This sends a huge signal to the non-Hive devs and teams I'm working with and I'll write this up later this morning..

Right now I'm listening live to the President of El Salvador and I think his brother is reading off the vote count on the Bitcoin bill and it's passed!


Yup, just saw that about El Salvador...First of many countries I think!

And awesome news about the proposal!!! Congrats on that, can't wait to see this project get out there and adopted by the podcasting companies more!