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Perhaps we are on the eve of the perfect storm, and is that for now I can think of nothing else to think, if more often we find issues that arise from questions that are no longer from an individual but from a wider audience within the community .


It would be sensible to think that if uncertainty continues to grow on this scale, the time will come where a collective overflow of great proportions opens, although I don't have as much time here as those who come from steem, you don't have to be a genius to be able to know firsthand hand that can happen when there is no consensus and discord reigns between two or more points of view.

To try to understand this in a more equanimous way, we must be willing to step into the shoes of the other party, so we can have another point of view, far from what we may believe to be the absolute truth.

If we believe that lowering the content curators' reward is the solution, we are far from correct, tell me honestly if you would agree that one day a letter arrives at your door informing you that your performance will be abruptly cut in half , regardless of whether I am earning 8 or 130 pob per vote at 100%, my reaction will be one of absolute rejection, but rather ask what @onealfa thinks about it, despite the fact that it is the whale with the highest returns in Leofinance and although what I earn in just one day he can feed 15 people for more than 3 days in a Latin American country, his annoyance and rejection of this rule is evident.

Come on friend wake up, although we are in an environment surrounded by cryptocurrencies, this has changed little to the real world, always those from above will want not only to be the ones from above but to have more and more, no matter how miserable you are or how much you earn in every reward.

I still believe that finding a use for pob and making a profit will be far more beneficial than broaching trivial issues about whether or not it is appropriate to raise or lower a reward.

It is not easy to achieve it, but it is not impossible, and we are at a point where we must see pob as a vehicle, and visualize highways and uses for that vehicle, since if the road is full of stones and rugged, it will be useless to do use of it.

We will always have that feeling of wanting to take shortcuts, if we are plagued with that, our tendency as humans pushes us to trust, and it is where we sometimes err by purposefully wanting to overtake others. For now, the creator of the community is still a great unknown which for now I do not believe and answers the questions for which much is discussed for now.

I dream of seeing one day a community where it revolves around a complete economy, since @vempromundo and @hranhuk are taking the first steps, by exchanging pob for a service, I don't think I'm crazy to think that in the not too distant future I will be able to charge some of the services that I offer to small businesses in pob, but for that, an economy must be created that revolves in the best style of a solar system and that the largest celestial body in this case is pob.

If an issue like this is left behind the ambulance, I must have contemplated the option that we will be more of the same, and it is something that I doubt and they want to happen, not at all underestimated the fact that right here in the community Find brilliant minds, which are the drivers of those highways for the vehicle called pob. Meanwhile we will continue reading the trend line and try to get the positive out of every situation that may arise.

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The response from people about the 75/25 proposition has been very interesting to read (I've read all the comments and posts related too it, I just haven't been behind the wheel as much to respond to everyone, so I responded to none lol).

Discussion across the board is very healthy. It's always been encouraged. I hope it continues and people keep questioning everything.

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There is no doubt about that, in case I think it is one of the topics that has caused great comments and not to mention how many articles have emerged from that 75/25 proposal, and deep down at first I liked it, then I understood that it was far from becoming actually.
And in terms of being able to answer the comments, I think you have a fairly strong and extensive work, in case I feel honored that you stop by and leave a comment.
Greetings and thanks friend!

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Thanks for the mention my dear!

When I started at Steemit 3 years ago we had in our city of only 40 thousand inhabitants many users compared by m² and this created the idea of ​​a local currency among our "society". Unfortunately over time few have stayed there.

I also did a project bringing all my computer students into Steemit at the time, for an experience like that and it didn't go very far either.

It is a pity, as many people in the same place could create something for purchases, sales and services without having to use "real" money.

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Yes, I suppose a little more time must pass and people must realize the benefits, but in the meantime we will continue to wait and try to push a use for our currency!

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