Ecommerce gains strength within Hive!!

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It is well known that the business model affectionately called ecommerce has been in the market for a long time and although there is a blue ocean, it is a business model in which you must focus on a niche and make it grow. The novelty occurs when it becomes more accessible to the Hive community since now the platform Hivelist is available to all Hivers where you can not only find various items which you can purchase by paying with your Hive, but You also have the opportunity to offer your services and what a way to add value to the entire community since this type of commerce has not stopped growing and in this time of pandemic it has not only gained momentum to continue its parabolic upward trend Without a doubt it is only a matter of time before we begin to see products and services in all areas that we can now find in a traditional web 2.0 platform.


Blue ocean

It is the term used in this type of business when you find a profitable market niche, where you can offer a product and both the demand and the% of return is very wide, and that is where perhaps one of the greatest benefits you can offer is. #Hivelist since it has made all the tools available to everyone so that in a few steps you not only have your online store but you can also receive payments in cryptocurrencies, to that we can add the flow of people who are throughout the Hive community which now opens this window so that they can purchase various productsthat although for now they are few, it is something that will only take a little time for it to become a large market where you will have great options to choose from.

Golden Opportunity

Now is the time for you to start and have a window to the world offering your services, and what better way to charge with Hive, not only do you strengthen the community but you also have a good value for your income and when Hive begins its escalation again bullish, your returns will be much more!
The future is totally promising and those who stick to it first are very well rewarded!

Exponential growth

Although I have little time in the community, I am greatly surprised by how quickly the entire Hive environment is expanding, and judging by what is happening, it is unlikely that the trend will decrease, according to studies by leading companies in Ecommercer, they foresee an increase Of more than 27% only in Spanish-speaking regions, now you can already have a clearer idea of ​​the Anglo-Saxon market, another great advantage is the fact that your business will be open 24 hours a day giving greater exposure to whatever you offer.

It will undoubtedly be another project within the Hive blockchain that in a short time will give a lot to talk about!

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