It is not an NTFs, It is the Art of indifference!

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Currently we see news in which young children manipulating a weapon injure another person of equal age or older, or in the worst case they take their life, it is no longer something taken from a fiction or horror movie, but rather it is a reality and a reality that is increasing.


How to deny or turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this problem that not only affects some, but affects us all.

Are we creating monsters? What went wrong along the way and in recent decades? Yes, we barely have less than two decades with smartphones, powerful video game consoles, less than a decade after a shower of games has reached us. online multiplayer.

How can there be so much lack of control in industries which is expected to continue to grow steadily in the coming decades?

At present, and according to studies, an average child is in front of a screen, be it a cell phone or tablet, about 30 hours a week, and if we take the numbers a little further, experts predict that a high percentage of these children turn 18 years old. Today's kids will have seen nearly 16,000 deaths with an estimated 200,000 acts of explicit violence. What numbers ...
In my case, I'm a father, I find them really scary!


To this, a group of specialists such as pediatricians, psychiatrists and other experts in Mental Health have come together to call for limits on the amount of violent images to which today's children are exposed. This is where a saying fits in which I heard a lot in my childhood and adolescence "when the river sounds, it is because it brings stones" ... Right here perhaps one of the questions arises that personally worries me the most.

What are we doing about it?

I will not speak for another, I speak for my actions, we do nothing ... I only reward my little ones with a few hours a day behind a smart screen, while I deal with bills and problems that may arise during the day, what a great job..


I am a participant in the intentional extinction of the family and I am part of that great statistic that they simply do the same ... I shouldn't look in the mirror to not feel more ashamed of what I have become, but enough of so much drama. It is better to keep looking for a solution to this goliath that we have in front of and which is winning us.

Today it is common to take your smartphone and start passing news from the bottom up with your thumb, and the funny thing is that everything that happens is in the same format, I mean that we see an attack in some European country and if I go down a little more I find that meme which makes me smile, then I go down another little and I see a news story about a child who is dying of cancer and to feel morally better I just give it a like, share and in the best case I post a message making an allusion to this, but in a matter of minutes when I go down a little I see that next week my favorite series will be released, damn…. Where did the sensitivity go?

The constant and systematic exposure to problems like this, instead of provoking empathy, in the best style of a paradox, what has done is that I care less and less what happens to others, that person who can be, my father, a friend , a brother, a grandfather, but I am interested in a damn, what may happen to that unfortunate ....

Something went wrong along the way, and without falling into rhetoric, our indifference is ending a large part of our daily lives, just look, we started pulling our children and we are going for the unfortunate.


I would like to know what is the way for this brain to function more collectively than for its own benefit, if we look outside these large technological corporations have become extremely large and strong, it is only because a centralized entity found the formula to bring together in a collectively the largest number of people, so that they interact collectively in search of their own benefit. Cárajo are geniuses these bastards ... since they learned to unite water with oil and this is what they like today ...


You do not have to understand what I leave here reflected, perhaps in the future when we go down in history for being the most idiotic generation in all of existence, thanks to the fact that by being distracted, we let a third party turn our world upside down, these words have a little more relevance. In the meantime I will continue to look for flaws in the #Matrix and in the constant race of controlled disinformation.

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