La Soledad and "Tinita Paz". / A little bit of Pob-Reflection

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LONELINESS, is the occasional feeling that makes you feel alone, that is to say, without the company of someone. It is a subjective individual experience that is felt by those people who find it difficult to communicate with others and also by those who, due to circumstances, no longer have the company of someone they like.

A person can feel lonely when accompanied by someone else and does not enjoy the affection and communication of those around him.

In the same way, those who, being in the midst of many people, do not share their ideas, customs, tastes or experiences, feel lonely.

In order to identify if the LONELINESS is embarking the life of someone it is necessary that there is a moment to analyze what is happening next to you or in the environment where you live, perhaps a question would be a good start.

Who am I?
Simply the answer would be guided to an identity.
I am "TINITA PAZ", I live in El Asentamiento Campesino La Linda in a far away parish somewhere in this world. I am 50 years old and I had the privilege of having a small family, my mother and my father unfortunately already passed away, my husband is by my side and my two beloved children, who for various reasons have had to emigrate from their homeland, in order to have a better lifestyle and more than that I say with sadness, my beloved ones left in order to help their parents who already with mature age do not have more than a miserable pension that is not even enough to buy a kilo of corn flour to make tortillas.

Then another question would follow. What am I doing here?

Without hesitation, I think that I am on earth by God's perfect will. He gave me life and all my loved ones. We still depend on Him to find each other as a popular adage from a South American country says "We are more dispersed than a chingo's sneeze"; but together in feelings and thoughts.

The third question leads me to the reason for living. Why do I live?
And therefore I find myself with all the diverse experiences that I have lived in this world, the memories of many good things and other not so good things that are part of me.

Without downplaying the importance of each fact, I can assure you that everything in life happens and develops in a sequential order, because the clock is in charge of marking that pattern, but the ideas and the decisions mark the guide of the experiences, those that in turn, are the ones that make you aware of the realities and allow you to continue walking firmly, in a straight line or in a sigsa, raising your eyes and ears to the sky. feet so as not to fall or stumble.

To all these, it is to consider that LONELINESS, is not the best companion and much less to whom you can ask for help, on the contrary, we must address it and face it when it wants to stick to our side, there are many good things that can keep it away, read a good book, perform a good deed, adopt a good behavior to accept what touches us, make a good decision to undertake something that is of benefit or simply seek help from the one who knows us since he formed us. God or a Triune God, formed by, The Father, a creator. The Son, a Redeemer of Sins and The Holy Spirit, a guide to all truth par excellence.

And surely, with this Trio by our side, Loneliness will not be able to do its desolate work and you will always feel the company of someone special.

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