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Although I told myself for a while not to be one of those who overload the front end of #pob speaking only of pob, this time I have to make a parenthesis.

And it is that after little more than 2 months in the environment of Hive I decided to take a break. I confess that it exhausts me much more mentally in pob than in other communities.

I know that you who are reading have gone through this, because I have read it in articles by several colleagues, and although it has not happened to you, then get ready because it is going to happen to you.
That moment will come where your creativity is clouded and you do not find what to translate into letters. POB is made to test your brain, and a test that is maintained in a constant and systematic way, uses up your physical and mental energies.

This is where I think the @caluman contest on the word Bizarro, was a perfect moment in space and time to take a little pause on purpose.

I can not miss the occasion to comment on what I was reflecting on these days of leisure! but first I want to emphasize what @felipejoys makes clear here, a point at which many already notice how a small route begins to form that excludes much of the good content that can be created in the community, here is the Article for you to spread and contribute not only your opinion but your granite d erena!

As the community gains momentum, we see issues of interest come to the fore. Personally I believe that POB will correct its price in the medium term, I do not want to predict at all since I do not have supernatural powers to see or predict the future, but it is right there the moment that in my opinion will be the right one for the commitment to be notorious , is where the great whales and @proofofbranio will have the golden opportunity to make their best decisions on where to put a little trust based on commitment, in new actors within the community!

I do not believe that I still have enough confidence to demand or claim governance, I do not claim to be absolutely right as to whether or not it is convenient to automate my vote. Although if I have my own criteria and freedom to say that always or at least it is still a great option to manually curate content. It gives you a great opportunity to ask questions, and at the same time grow in knowledge. Not all content is of quality, but for anyone who really wants to grow within the community, they are given the opportunity and tools to form a more solid future in the medium term.

Whales like @leprechaun are always attentive to if you need from a guide to know everything you need about how you can take your first steps within the GUIA community, even if you have any on how to change your operating system to Linux.

If you are looking for a balanced and objective commentary along with a broad perspective in the academic world, for now I cannot find a better example for it than @trostparadox

Someone who maybe few have noticed, but maintain a high level of commitment in the shadows within the community is @richardcrill, most of the time you will only find their votes, and if you can follow the trace, it is based on the quality of the contents!

I know I am missing some whales and their aspects but come on, don't blame me, this is not an article to spread the knowledge of what they are good at, and in other articles I have mentioned some more.

Perhaps this is what I enjoy the most about POB that I can refer to them, with more freedom and not see them as absolute gods of truth and reason, which in other communities with more time and a great reputation, you cannot do for the level so heinous of adulation and praise that a specific whale can receive.

If you know where you are going, and you work towards that goal, you will be able to think and express yourself more freely. It is an opportunity that is still latent in POB, which as time goes by it will be extinguished, and it will be more difficult to achieve it. We are not here to give lectures on what you should or should not do with your winnings, but there are good examples of what happens when a good part of your profit goes to the Stake bank in POB.

It is evident that more and more pressure is being felt for a statement by @proofofbranio, about many questions that haunt the brains of the community!
It will be interesting when that discussion thread comes up and then that opportunity can be given to clarify so many doubts!

Postscript: The image used in this article will be the one that gives life to a segment within my articles that will use the hashtag # Pob-News where there will be a compilation of what is causing the most commotion within the POB community, like this one. you feel you can use the label if you think the article you read deserves to be in the weekly Pob-News. The main idea is to gather topics of great interest to everyone in the same space and to be able to launch in the comments whatever your opinion or position is, regardless of whether you are silenced or sensed!

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I feel that with the LEO community, I can't always think of good content, although I like finances a lot.

In the pob I found what I like to do and write, even before it grew here and the values ​​went up so much. But it is true that there will always be times of lack of creativity and what to write about.

As for your News post, I really liked the idea. I hope to see more of them to keep me updated!

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It is something in which I share that feeling, what's more, I can say that I came to this community for loving finances, and I see how despite the content that can be uploaded, the relevance it receives is little.

I have noticed how beautiful breasts being blonde and a beautiful smile can help you a little more to get something of relevance!

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If you know where you are going, and you work towards that goal.

Great statement. I know my goal to stake 1000 POB in the near future. I think it is realistic and achievable. I do not have to think too big. 1000 is a clear path that I should pass through. Now. I work on it. I feel confident that I can reach the goal. 1000 POB power is the first stone that I should jump to the second stone that opens more opportunities in this platform.

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I'm glad you think that way, as long as it can be done, there's no time to waste!
Tomorrow is uncertain, but what is done today will undoubtedly affect the possible tomorrow!

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Don't blame me....I did not notice the image until you mentioned it

No one is going to tell anyone what to do with their gains soon, because we are all seeing the benefits of stacking and engaging genuinely in the POB community

It is quite draining as you said to come up with stuff to write about on the community especially if you are so rooted here, but damn! being able to do that regardless is proof you have some brains

we will try as much as we can to promote the community as it is fresh so that when the going gets tough, we will have enough whales to go around

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we are on the right track dear friend, in a short time we will have a dolphin title, and with a little more time and perseverance is when the whale title will finally be achieved.
Right now we see it a little far away, but it is only a matter of time!

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we are on the right track dear friend, in a short time we will have a dolphin title, and with a little more time and perseverance is when the whale title will finally be achieved.

I can't wait until we get there, my friend

Right now we see it a little far away, but it is only a matter of time!

Smiles...time is the one we can't control but can maximize. Soon it will here upon us, and I hope we would have made the necessary preparation when it gets here

Cheers to all of us

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