The knowledge economy ... when the intangible becomes a trend

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This is an economy which has little time among us but it should not be underestimated at all, since although it is an early economy, ... those who manage to master it and find its correct application, can be made with benefits that for now are only in dreams. of most of us.

This economy was hardly used by some large companies a few decades ago, which found a golden beta in the intangible.


An example of this was the investments in advances, they remember how the United States won the race to reach the moon. A key piece for them was the knowledge of Wernher von Braun, an intangible resource that lay in part of a person's intellect. which was a key piece for the Apollo 11 spacecraft that transported that group of three astronauts to go and return successfully.

At present, this economy of the intangible is in constant expansion and it is that many have already realized the great benefits that investing in the intangible brings.

Surely you are already thinking ... heck stop talking about non-tangible and give me a practical example ... calm down, there you go.

You know that if you do not pay for a product, it is because "YOU" are the product….

If you understood great, you already recognized some that you currently use but ... if not you still do not realize it, let me be more explicit.

How much do you pay to use Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Vimeo, Youtube? and perhaps in one of these examples if you pay for an extra service. Congratulations are in the ViP line of these companies since they have much more benefits than the other mortals who use their products.

Currently there are 5 colossi of the intangible economy that we will not give more publicity in itself, and that you will surely use at least 3 of them. Just stop and do a count.

At present it is true that poverty is significantly reduced but… .. it is also true that inequality is leading this race, which we could well illustrate as a race of the hare against the tortoise, with the difference that this time the hare It shows no signs of wear and tear and seems paradoxically to gain momentum over the years.


And this is where the question arises, does the economics of the intangible have something to do with this?

And it is that this turns out to be a complex and very subjective issue, since depending on the side where you feel the greatest affinity, in the same way will be your answer to this question.

Do you remember when the animated movie Toys Story was released ..
This intangible work if we speak in terms of hiring actors, scripts, hotels, per diem, dressing rooms, cameras and equipment for different shots ... It all boils down to a group of programmers and design experts where one of their biggest challenges was to render each shot or image, but what a cost-operating saving effect.

render farm

As time went by, the gap opened so that we are now in the boom of the intangible economy and the great knowledge industry.

And it is that this knowledge economy is so profitable that even in operating costs you can see an alarming or incredible reduction ... But it is true.

In summary and judging by what we have now seen, it gives the impression that this economy is largely unequal, since most of all this economy only occurs in developed and first world countries, favoring specific cities which are now fighting for receiving and adopting these large intangible economy corporations.

But not everything is bad in this economy of knowledge since thanks to the economy of the intangible and knowledge you have endless articles, digital material, formulas ...

There has never been so much knowledge at your fingertips, as it is now,

And if we take this to a particular case such as our Hive community, in which we see how #Proofofbrain has taken great value, but we will talk more about this in another moment.


Thanks to this economy of knowledge and the value of the intangible, we have gone from linear economies to more friendly economies that form a circle that benefits many.

Now even some wars use the intangible and knowledge to be carried out, when, for example, an entire city or country is attacked directly on its electrical service, thus being able to leave millions of people incommunicado ... and although it has not yet been documented a case of great magnitude with these characteristics.

The economy of knowledge and the intangible has us gathered here, through a Blockchain, created from an intangible but highly scalable money such as bitcoin.


Heck, this is just beginning and it won't stop at all, keep in mind that with this economy of the intangible you can reach any part of the world and make your idea and business work 24/7, 365 days a year ...

Only one idea you need, and it's easier to find it where problems abound. When you solve one of them and take it by the hand to the intangible economy, the chances of success increase for you.

I hope to read your opinion about this economy that, although I was in the shadow of many for decades, is now available to all who have a little vision and determination.

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Well said, clicmaster. Knowledge is power and the Internet has provided us with not only many ways to take acquire it but also to take advantage of it.

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