When the Paradox disguises itself as Utopia But in reality it is a Dystopia

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I remember hearing this phrase while I was working in a fast food place, where that day a boy of about 12 years old with his father and another man were there eating, and at once the tension called me after I gave them the menu, the The father brought him closer to the boy and asked him, What do you plan to choose? The child takes the menu and begins to detail it, but he always looked at the prices, something that caused me curiosity since although the area where the food truck was located was quite ostentatious, they did not seem to be bad economically speaking and less if you see them arriving in a BMW X6 model car.


The boy kept detailing the menu until he finally decided to order something, he went to take the order from him and he told me that he only wanted a Hot Dog and a bottle of water. His father and the other person who accompanied him did not skimp on what they ordered, since they ordered what in my opinion was an average order that the regulars used to consume.

Then the father continued guiding the boy just as if it were a lesson, explaining the operating costs and the possible profit margins of each product, I was quite surprised how this man could say with a high degree of accuracy the cost of every thing we had for sale it was evident that he knew the business.

When I finish consuming what they had ordered I am about to keep track and that is where the questions I had until then are resolved.

Financial lesson

The boy asks for separate accounts since he would pay what he consumed while his father and the other man would be a separate account. After dividing the bill and paying each his part, the boy asks me what the name of the place is since he liked the atmosphere and his particular Hot Dog, to which I answered is called "No Name", surprised he tells me that it is a Very interesting name and that seemed more like a #PARADOX ... It is possible that in life that word was heard but I had never paid attention to it.

In a short time I investigated its meaning and it was very consistent with what that boy had told me. As what happened that day when a father gave financial lessons to that child was also much more coherent, at present there are few institutions that teach our children a correct financial education, paradoxically they teach them to be consumers and not providers, it is as if on purpose the system was designed not only to turn our boys into good and helpful workers and to learn in a good way how to exchange their time for some money, but also to teach them how, where and what to spend their money on.

It is a paradoxwhen we believe that by pleasing a taste or whim of our little ones, we are doing good. The opposite is done by parents of children with great economic resources, since they eagerly seek to teach the value of money to their little ones so that in this way they can preserve their wealth.

It happens almost everywhere

We have paradoxes in public health and it is reflected when they force you to pay for insurance which will be unsustainable in the long term and what they sold you as good is nothing more than a deception and when they cannot sustain the deception they increase the retirement age, slapping everyone who paid their dues and now must wait more years for retirement.
It is a paradox when large banks go bankrupt, making the savings of small and medium pension funds insolvent and with my taxes they rescue the banks that caused all the chaos and forgetting those who really are affected.

It is a paradox when a salary increase comes just at the moment where inflation is already sitting on the table, hunger never waits....

It is a paradox when the price of housing does not stop rising at a time when the economy is dying and there are few signs of a good recovery.

It is a paradox when to enter a good university I must create a bond in the best love and hate style with a student loan, and as soon as I obtain the degree it will be a bittersweet taste since I will still have a great debt and the uncertainty of not knowing if I will get a good job.

I could continue listing paradoxes but I prefer that you add some in the comments and let's make this more dynamic.

We live in a dystopia disguised as an autopia, in a world that should be as similar as possible to an autarky. Meanwhile we will continue surfing in the matrix seeing its failures and possible patches in this great paradox...

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And yes you are right

we are in a world where being taught how to spend is the order of the day, and no one is teaching us the right way to financial freedom

The parent of that child was wise enough to pass on his acquired knowledge on finances, and how money should be used appropriately to his child.....I applaud him

I will not even want to talk about the paradox that is related to the banking system nor will I concern myself in the inevident dilemma that retired folks pass through in the hands of government

Nor, will I want to concern myself with the debt we all get to owe just because we want to go to college and end up with no jobs by the time we are done.

The world in itself is full of paradoxes, and we all have to stand back and fight against any unjust treatments, or we make our own shelter away from those trying to take our daily bread out of our lives or live in bondage forever.

Great entry, sir
I wish you luck in the contest

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Thank you and you have said it well when it comes to creating your own refuge, it is something that surely goes around the head of more than one person, the system was created with all those traps that make the way uphill for the less favored that is why that while the majority of the population is ignorant or distracted it will be beneficial for these great elites that for decades have dictated the way or where they should look, we are at a crucial moment where we can make a difference and not leave our future in hands of these social misfits who only see us as numbers and nothing else!

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That is true

Making a difference and deciding to take our future into our own hands is a decision that will be considered by less number of people

And that will because the rest of the population who won't are afraid, they will lose a way of living, and probably, the peanuts, they give them as food in the form of salaries, remunerations, government promotions, etc.

And I will not surprised because in the scripture when God saved the children of Isreal from the tyrant King Pharaoh and led them into the wilderness, they bitterly complained to the servant of God, Moses about the change.

They missed the comfort(mixed with slavery) they had in Egypt, and they openly asked Moses why he took away from the land of plenty(over here, they just had access to peanut or crumbs), into the wilderness to starve and kill them

They were afraid, and never believed the Almighty who brought them out will be able to provide for them

So few persons will take up the course of their lives, and seek escape from the hands of the governments, while the rest will choose to live in their assumed safe life

I knew you were a Christian I noticed it in some of your writings congratulations I like your way of thinking!

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Thank you very much @clicmaster

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What an amazing dimension to the word "paradox"...I love your creativity @clicmaster

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Thanks friend, I also enjoyed reading your perception of paradox and how you approached the whole issue, greetings and success!

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What a cool story!

I like to read these stories that happened at certain times in people's lives and with unusual situations like yours.


thank you friend and well just when the word of the week came up I couldn't help but remember that moment!

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