Why, and where did the war between Jews and Palestinians come from?

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Wars historically only benefit a handful of people, sometimes they are done deliberately with the firm intention of causing strictly planned good or evil, it almost never happens by the first option,

In an environment where articles abound about pob and really how good it is, (and I have no doubt about it) I bring a bit of variety, On a panorama which is happening and due to the influence which countries such as Israel, you have the possibility of climbing to majors!

While you are reading a little about this article, I will leave some images which will give you an idea of how counterproductive the effect of a war can be, and at all times my intention is to create a little awareness!

One of the conflicts that has taken the longest years in history to resolve is still causing the deaths of thousands of people. And it is that despite the fact that today, we can observe through social networks and different newscasts the versions of each part, in order to understand this we must go back to its history.


This, like many other conflicts in history, is primarily based on religion. On the one hand, there are the Jews occupying Israel and on the other there are the Sunni Muslims who occupy Palestine; each claims its historical right to occupy the area of ​​Israel.

The Israelites say that it is their land promised by the Hebrew people according to the scriptures and the Palestinians say that they must inherit the land according to the law of the Philistines; which is a town that has been occupying this area for more than 3,000 years. However, given that they are different versions in different books of stories, this does not mark something definitive when it comes to defining who should remain on this site.

However, let us review a little the origins of Israel and the way in which they have remained in the area, since there are keys that can give us an idea of ​​how we can create a more solid opinion about the conflict and make ourselves understand a little more .

At the end of the 19th century, when Israel was part of the Ottoman Empire, Zionism was born; which is based on the fact that the Israelis had the motto that a people should have a state; For this reason and because it is not considered not only a religion but more as a group of inhabitants with a political ideology, they had the right to occupy their own territory and according to the biblical texts this is called Zion.


Now why do you want to go back to what was once Palestine?
One of the reasons is that, according to the biblical texts, the Jews always longed for the return to Jerusalem; On the other hand, we have the influence of the Ottoman Empire, which saw in its alliance with the Jewish people a good economic activity and the push to build an area with many possibilities for growth. And finally, we have that some Jewish tribes were already settled in the area.

But it is between 1882 and 1903, when the first mass migration of Jews to the territory of Palestine is generated, they came from Russia, Romania and Poland; in total they were about 35 thousand souls.

This phenomenon is known as the first Aliyah. These were moved to the site that in total had a population of 500,000 inhabitants, among whom there were already 47,000 who were Jews.

The second Aliyah, would take place in the year 1904, and this was as a result of anti-Semitism in Europe, it is then when Zionism grows and many more Jews arrive in the state of Palestine.

This continued until the outbreak of the First World War, as the patronage of the Jews by the Ottoman Empire is compromised by the fall of the latter.

It is then that the United Kingdom takes control of the area of ​​Palestine; in this case and because the United Kingdom is one of Israel's allies, a welcome is created and given the growing wave of anti-Semitism in Europe, the Jewish people see the need to settle in Palestine.


And so the population of Jews in Palestine was growing, since 1882, which at that time only represented 8%; but by 1936 they represented more than 28% of the total number of inhabitants.
In total there were 5 waves of migration before the phenomena of the Second World War occurred.

This brought as a consequence that several groups of Arabs felt threatened and began with the escalation of violence, thus taking place in 1929 with the Hebron massacre.

It is then, when the Jews would create their first defense force, called HAGANA, this would be like the Jewish defense forces, however, another separate movement called IRGUN also emerged, which was a paramilitary army that was given the task of carrying out attacks on British targets in Palestine; in order to force the latter to create the State of Israel.

However, it was with the Second World War, the Holocaust, and anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union that many more migrations to Palestine were generated. However, the IRGUN attacks caused the British Prime Minister at the time Winston Churchill to prohibit the entry of Jews to this territory; generating that they were now developed clandestinely.

It is then in 1946 that the IRGUN Jews retaliated against the British through an attack on the command at the King David Hotel in Palestine, causing 92 deaths. This made Britain tired of solving other people's conflicts and it withdrew from the scene the following year.


The UN then decided to hand over equal tracts of land to Jews and Palestinians, which made the law that had previously been proclaimed by Great Britain to prevent new Jews from entering Palestinian territory to be abolished.

Two days later the Palestinians now supported by Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the West Bank and Syria, formed the Arab league and declared war on Israel. But in an unexpected turn of events, the forces of IRGUN and HAGANA had been unified in training thus creating the IDF or as they are known worldwide, the armed forces of Israel; which were better trained and unified than the Arab forces; thus managing to win that war and increasing its territory by 23% in the face of its aggressors.

In this way the areas that were previously occupied by Egypt and the West Bank; they became part of Israel and the 711,000 people who lived in these areas were isolated from their homes, resulting in the expulsion of Jews who were in Arab territory from their settlements.

Then in 1956, Egypt once again attacked Israel by nationalizing the Suez Canal and sealing the Straits of Tiran, which were vital to the Israeli economy. It is then that Israel joins France and the United Kingdom to launch an attack on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula. To prevent the imminent advance of the coalition formed by Israel, the UN decided to intervene and proclaim a demilitarized zone in the Suez Canal and thus, in this way, Israel would be protected against terrorist attacks.

Years passed and everything was fine, until 1967. That is when the UN withdrew and then the armies of Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan were preparing their armies; They again blocked the Strait of Tiran and then the Israelis decided to launch a preventive attack to unleash the 6-day war. In which, despite having surrounded the Israeli territory, the Arabs were the losers. In this way, Israel again occupied the territory of Sinai, the West Bank and part of Syria.


By 1973, the Arabs managed to attack to regain their territory and more, in a war called Yom Kippur.

However, this time as it was in the middle of the cold war, the superpowers took part of it. For this reason the United States decided to support Israel and the Soviet Union to the Arab countries. The Arab countries were again losers, however, between the negotiations and to avoid bloodshed, the Jews decided to hand over the Sinai territory forcing Egypt to recognize Israel as a state, which would suggest a great humiliation among the Arab countries. .

In its position as the winner, Israel also decided to hand over part of the Palestinian territory, but in a very small part.

In 1982, the new point of attack for the Israelis would be Lebanon, this was done with the function of stopping the terrorist attacks that were being perpetrated by the Hezbollah group. Action that lasted until the year 2000, in southern Lebanon.

By 2006, they decided to take a more active role and went to attack this Arab group.

And this has basically been the situation in Israel over the years. A territory that has sufficient economic and military power to stop the aggressors that constantly surround it and keep them on the edge.

However, and given that there have been many confrontations between Palestinians and Jews, the latter have sought a way to reduce the presence of others within their territory, often using techniques that border on the inhuman, since they impose sanctions that they prevent their adversaries from having access to water, limiting their movement, repressing and marginalizing them.
On the other hand, Israel has an expansionist presence in this area, in which it is placing small settlements to gradually consume its territory. This action is illegal before international organizations.

Known as the war of the stones or first intifada, in 1987, which was the product of 4 Palestinian workers rammed by an Israeli truck in a refugee camp. This event went around the world, since the images showed how children and adolescents attacked Israeli tanks with stones, which did not hesitate to open fire on their attackers, although they were at a clear disadvantage.


For this reason Hamas was born, which is the equivalent of IRGUN but from the Arab countries; only it has much deeper religious roots than the Israelis. Hamas aims to convert all members of the Palestine Liberation Organization into its sympathizers, the latter has a more political than religious character and is what has achieved that this territory is recognized by some countries.

The president of this organization was Yasser Arafat, who at the time made great strides to promote peace in the region, he recognized the State of Israel and for his part it was recognized as the authority of the Palestinian people and thus began to process the Oslo agreement. In which the Palestinians are granted the right to govern themselves in Gaza and the West Bank.

However, not everyone was sympathetic to this agreement and the peace lasted very little in the region, that is why the Jewish settlements in the Palestine area continued, and finally in the year 2000 the second intifada occurred. This time more bloody than the first, since the kamikaze attacks would abound, on the part of the Palestinians against the Israelis, who were not far behind and responded to this type of attack with more repression than they were used to.

During this intifada, leader Arafat died in 2004, which meant that now Hamas would take control of the Palestinian region and the peace accords would be repealed. This movement ended when the Israelis left the Gaza Strip; as well as northern Palestine. In total 4000 people died during this movement.

For its part, Israel, unable to occupy the Gaza Strip, decided to build a wall; which supposed an economic blockade for Palestine; as well as obtaining weapons from them.

Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that has been avoided, as humanitarian aid cannot reach the Palestinians either, and Jews constantly carry out attacks in the area; which the state of Palestine responds with with rocket launches at its opponent.


Understanding this, we can now give a more objective analysis of what is being experienced today between the two countries, since, despite the fact that the pandemic is still in force, the confrontations between the two nations have gained strength since May 9, due to that that day was celebrated in Israel on the day of Jerusalem, a territory occupied partly by Palestine and partly by Israel.

Within this part of the planet, the march of the flags began to commemorate the year 1967, when Israel during the 6-day war advanced in the eastern part of Jerusalem, taking control of the region.

During this march patriotic chants are usually made, hundreds of Jewish youths carrying flags making their way through sites in Muslim cities, which is seen as an incitement by the Israelis against the Palestinians.

It was then that the confrontations began on the outskirts of a mosque in the area; in the old city of Jerusalem. The Palestinians for their part threw stones at Israel's riot police, and they attacked the Palestinians with pellets and tear gas canisters.

This resulted in more than 300 Palestinians injured and 20 Israeli police officers affected. It was then that the Hamas group spoke out and said that the Israeli police force was not justified, and for this reason it proceeded to launch rocket attacks on the city of Jerusalem, where two Jewish inhabitants were killed.

Israel, for its part, saw this as an incitement and did not wait for its response, in which it sent repeated air strikes throughout the Gaza Strip where the leaders of the Hamas group are presumed to be.

Gaza officials reported that more than 30 people had been killed in these attacks, which included 9 children. However, Israel reports that 15 members of the extremist group were killed during it.


These events were already being prepared, because last month, in the celebration of Ramadan (the holy month for Muslims), in which the Palestinians allege that their meetings had been conditional and that they were not allowed to hold them at night. They began to protest in front of the security barriers that were at the gates of Damascus, in the old city of Jerusalem and the police attacked them. The same would happen with the population in the West Bank and Haifa.

But all this does not compare with the eviction of Palestinian families who were in the East Jerusalem area, which is mostly a sector dominated by Arabs; But that Israeli law says that if someone owned a settlement in that area since before the 1948 war he can claim that territory as his own. This is frowned upon by the Arabs, who say that they do not enjoy the same privilege in the area of ​​Israel and that every day they take away more ground.
For its part, the supreme court had to issue a decision, but postponed the hearings on this issue and for this reason both sides had to take in their hands what they consider to be fair.

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I never knew this before,thanks for the informative post...@clicmaster

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It was a pleasure to meet you, my friend, you should know that yesterday, shortly after uploading the content, there was another heavy bombing between these two countries.
It is sad to think about the uncertainty not only of the elderly, but also of the children who are inevitably caught in the middle of all this!

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History is very important,this post has made to know alot about the war between the jews and the Palestinians..

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It is gratifying to know that it was a good channel to get a little clearer notion, and keeping bias at all times!

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