Pobdaily # All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Hello everyone, How are you doing today. At my end, the day was splendid as my friends @flexyg, @savagetobi and I created time to have fun the first time in a long while. I am sure they will all be anxious to post their pobdaily due to the fun filled activities of the day and the cool pictures we were able to take, lol so am I.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they say. Industrial design department as been stressing due to the number of practicals and assignments we do. So we decided to make an outing together since we have no lectures or school activities today.

We went to the pool to swim, before this time I had entered the pool to swim two years ago, shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19. During and after the pandemic, it was difficult to swim following the social distancing rules.

Though the pandemic has been long gone here in my country, but one could not be too careful, that was the main reason why we decided to stay back. Visiting the pool today was fun, we had some snacks too.

We spent four hours of having nice time in the pool before going back home.

Thanks for reading through my daily activities for this day. Do have a wonderful night rest, see you tomorrow

Thanks to @marvinix and @dwayne16 for this initiative on the proofofbrain community and all that has participated till date, I wish you all the best of luck in life.

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This is nice but please be careful, especially the diving part😏

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😊 I have heard you big sister

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