Pobdaily #. Village setting scenes.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the public holiday, it was fun and stressful as we set out very early in the morning to shoot some clips for video making assignments, It wasn’t my group anyways but I was used as a cast in the movie.

It was a village and farm settings so we had to go to the neighboring town where we could easily get local and ancient houses with village settings.

When we got there, people around where welcoming and were really to corporate with us, one of them actually offered us his home for the changing from our normal wears to costumes.

It started raining few minutes after we got there, this brought a lot of delay as the rain did not stop till later in the day. It didn’t really stop raining but it reduced, so we carried on with the shooting, one of those who we went together was @savagetobi who was in charge of the camera.

Despite the rain, all thanks to God we where able to shoot perfect scenes and went back home. By the time we where home, it was late already and everyone was exhausted, we had earlier planned to rest a little and go for night class, but because of the stress we had all day, we had no Choice than to postpone very activity till tomorrow.

Thanks to @marvinix and @dwayne16, to all supporters, and everyone else posting and curating pobdaily posts.

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