The greater the PAIN, the greater the GAIN.

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What exactly is pain.

Literally, pain can be said to be a bodily sensation of discomfort, it might come in form of a sharp stab or a dull ache. Pain can also come in an emotional form.

Most people do not want to experience pain because they feel nothing good comes out of it. They feel it's only outcome is breakdown, but this is not actually true.

In my own team, which most successful people will agree with. Pain is a channel to achieving success. There surely is no shortcut to success, the road is always rough and hilly.

An athlete that doesn't go through the pain of training everyday is not ready to get anywhere in his career, likewise a business man who doesn't stay awake at midnight to analyze the previous day and strategies for the next day.

Thomas Edison failed nine hundred and ninety nine times(999) before he could finally event the light bulb, I imagine the kind of pain he might have gone through, pain of staying up at midnight, studying new physical laws, trying new formulas, ignoring mockeries and so on.

He could have decided to drop it and the world probably still be using fire woods of lantern as the source of light at night, but he was determined, he focused on the gain and made God use of the pain to get what he wanted.

Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.

~Sumner Redstone.

The fact that we wake up everyday to engage on hive and it's communities, we task ourselves to create contents, and when the payout comes, we stake it instead of cashing out is the pain that we are willing to take for the gain to be great.

What assures the gain after going through pains is how you handle the pain.

The greatest failure comes from running away from pains, the only way to solve a problem is by facing it. Running away from pains will only make it worse by prolonging the pain.

One has to be willing to solve a problem, one has to be willing to take the pain, if one really wants to attain success.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson popularly known as The ROCK has a body structure that most of us would like to have or for a lady, would like their partner to have. But how many of us is ready to take the pain? As the topic implies, the greater the pain, the great the gain/reward.

These applies to everything we do on earth. A priest deprives himself from worldly things, that is the pain he is willing to take, the more he abstains from worldly things, the more spiritual he goes.

Pain does not only make people better, it also makes things better.
A metal has to go through a pain process of heating to liquid before it can be reshaped, at times when the metal is getting cold, the blacksmith hits it with a hammer to bring out the detailed structure.

The refined gold, the food we eat, the cloth we wear, everything goes through a process (pain). These processes makes them useful.


In every pain comes a gain, either the pain gotten from being disciplined toward achieving a goal or the pain gotten from not being disciplined. The pain from not being disciplined places one in a situation of regrets thereby making one to wise up for the next time, it now depends on him if he falls again.

In life everyone goes through pain, the outcome of the pain (breakdown or breakthrough) depends on how one utilizes the pain.

Thank you for reading till this point, I hope it wasn't a waste of time. Please up vote and drop comments to share your opinion about taking pains to get rewards.

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Good post and this brings up an interesting question about whether sacrifice is needed for spirituality. Most modern day interpretations have deviated from that notion. But this is a question we will probably never have the answer to.

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No one handles the spiritual casually, spirituality demands great sercrifice.

If Jesus was not spirituality filled, he would have fallen when devil came with temptations, only God knows where you and I would have been by now.

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Every pain will not lead to gain but the pain of efforts would lead you to gain. Edison failed several times but that was not the physical pain, some times physical pains to your body leads to the end of lives too. But when you are taking efforts and are failing that pain needs to be sustained to make a logical gain

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Every pain will not lead to gain but the pain of efforts would lead you to gain.

I like the sentence **pain of effort would lead you to gain.

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