After Taproot Update Bitcoin Is Ready To Break Out Continue To Go Up And Hit 🎯 45,000 $ Soon🤫

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If we're looking for the price to go higher and and we cannot accept that if you're looking for the market to go high in price you see the market has actually broken that line .
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We really have that ability to continue to go higher in price and so far yes the market in bitcoin is still giving us a little strong now i'm not telling that it's overly weak you know we still have the probability of this market in those to continue to trade within our lines.
Which means that 35,600 $ stills has the ability to hold support the market on the weekly time frame the market in bitcoin is weak but i'm not really that worried that the marketing is going to make a substantial movement to the upside we can still see those coins go lower but that's why i've identified that 39,000 $ area at support.
Weekly Analysis
We're going to have to pay attention to that going on into this upcoming trading week this is where the market in those coin looks a little bit more worrisome it's this current weekly bar you see that the marketing is closing towards the high of the bar and that means that we actually have the ability to break the 40,000$ support area to the upside from a weekly perspective
The market is still strong overall in bitcoin we need to play the same type of environment we cannot go against the gainers everyone in the market is showing that they're not that bullish into the market we have the ability on this current price bar to see the market up there and test 43,000 $ .

We take a look at where we're at we're all the way again everything on these price charts is literally telling us that the market is not that bullish if anyone is telling you that this market in bitcoin is bullish they need to re-look at these different time frames.

If Bitcoin Breakout 42,000 $

We need to be careful out into the marketing we're going to predict that the market in those coin is still strong and that prediction in expecting the market in bitcoin to go high in price .

The first thing i'm going to do after i make this prediction i'm going to go ahead and get rid of that chart because he's not willing to hold that price alongside that line i'm still looking for the market to try to come through and hold some support in or around that 42,000 $ area but we would definitely come through and out the market some profit maybe even 45,000 $.


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Nice to see an alternative opinion, everyone is calling a bullish trend now, but I see Bitcoin disappointing most for now

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Don't Worry 😊

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Not worried at all

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