Hive Looks Bullish Short Term But Hold Your Horse Market Hit 🎯 50 $ Cents Soon 🧐


The hive price is the most important aspect of the markets it's the most important aspect of trading and it's the most important aspect of asset of investing the market the only thing that matters everything else is literally hypothesis into determining.
What is the actual value of this coin based off of outliers based off the news based off of different protocols might be trying to instill different news that certain individuals with no variety tries to come out with to try to boost the price or decrease the price all of those things.

You need to focus in the one thing that causes the price movement and is the price chart is the only thing you need that's something we really want to instill in our community just to eliminate that confusion because everything else outside of hive price literally causes confusion.
You can't put a price on how much is worth put a price on dm
hive price the market moved higher it's not because of his some market news because the market moves on certain laws that moves price and one of them in interest if there's a lot of hive into the market price will come up if there's a lot of interest in the market then prices go will go higher.

The market we were suspecting the price and takes us to go higher and inevitably it didn't go too high and you see the market topped out in hive around 34 cents and from that point on the market went higher

The market high after our price predicts was on july the price in hive has been going up and i really wanted to show everyone we wasn't too bearish in a sense that how high the price in hive can go we had our support area originally around 40 cents.

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