What's your Business Plan?


Hello and welcome to my page. I'm @daniky and this is my 46th entry to the #pobdaily challenge, an initiative of @marvinix and @dwayne16. Kindly move on with me as i share briefly how my day went and the lesson i learnt. Below are photos taken by me with Android Umidigi A5-Pro.


Photo taken with Android Umidigi A5-Pro


Photo taken with Android Umidigi A5-Pro


Photo taken with Android Umidigi A5-Pro

The day began with my daily routines but no much work since it's just a day after public holiday in Nigeria. The weather was quite calm. The rain drizzled a bit and the sun was also moderate. Most workers were back to their normal daily duties after observing a 2-day public holiday for salah break. The break was a moment most taxi drivers earned more due to those going out on picnic. Most tourist centers were jahm-packed will lots of people from diverse works of life. It was indeed, a adventurous moment.

After the 2-day public holiday, work began fully. Many were rushing to work to beat the resumption time. Bikes and Kekenapeps private drivers had their happiest moment as they were patronized seemlessly on time basis to convey passengers to and from their homes to the main road. Many bike riders (known as Okada riders in Nigeria) commenced their driving activity by 5am to never miss a passenger on the lane as this was their business moment. During the closing hour, public transport inflated the cost of transportation as they knew most office workers were set to go back to their various homes in multitudes. Despite these, they never lack willing passengers (who will want to remain at the garage, road side or an highway for a whole day just because of the high transport? Nobody) that were ready to comply with whatever price given them.

To be candid, I'm beginning to have a business mindset towards having Kekenapeps and employing drivers to work for me because i newly discovered most of these public transporters makes a whole lots of money than even most of the federal government workers in Nigeria. It's quite unfortunate that many that thinks being a private transporter or taxi driver is not lucrative. From personal discoveries, I think one really need to have the mind of an hustler and a business mindset to make it on any financial platform you find yourself. Do you know some taxi men are even more richer than some so called lawyers or Doctors? Let it not amaze you. That's business life for us. Above all, if you must make it in life then you must have a blue print of your business plan.

Working for a government parastatal or private firm does not guarantee you and your family a total financial freedom and security because when you die, your office can never be passed to your next generation as an inheritance, but your personal business do. What is your business plan?

Never underestimate a little beginning, find something to do for yourself in anyway and never let a month pass by without having someone to show for it. Never look down on hawkers, petty hustlers like cab drivers, cleaners and so on because you never can tell their plans and what tomorrow have in stock for them. Besides, they might even be more richer than you do, so never compare yourself to anyone in life. Be the best of yourself and not a copyright of another person or brand. Be unique and diligent in all you do and see yourself emerge with success beyond the sky limit in your business life.

If you're too big to serve or start small, then you're too small to lead and breakthrough financial obscurity.

I'm using this medium to appreciate @marvinix and @dwayne16 for this wonderful initiative and also wish to invite interested #hiveans to be part of this daily challenge.

Thank you for your time, love and support. Do have a wonderful moment.



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