When HBD is at or below a $ , use conversion not the market

A while ago I wrote a blog on how when When HBD is higher then a $ , always use a market


However, we are now in the opposite situation, with HBD corrected down to a dollar it now time to use the conversion tool, not the market.

Now I'm using the peakd.com interface for this. The first option is to click the convert button and your HBD converts over 3.5 days to HIVE. It does this by assuming that HBD is $1 and then compare to the HIVE market price. Let's assume for this example HIVE is $0.43, because it is , then 4 HBD will convert over to 9.3 HIVE over 3 days or so.


Now lets look at what the market is doing


I lose 0.2 HIVE by using the market, and this is with HBD priced at $1.01, it will only get worse if HBD drops below $

Now of course if you need quick access to HIVE, or you think HIVE is going to surge in price, a quick market can be the best option but on the whole, if you can wait, just convert

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