Dapper Labs fuel growth in sports tech as sports heroes back the project

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Dapper Labs, the creator of the CryptoKitties game, is attracting the investments from the Sporting heroes like Michael Jordan.

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In the recent funding round of nearly $305 Million dollars, past and present NBA stars like Michael Jordan, Alex Caruso, and Kevin Durant participated in the funding round. This sets an example of how sportstech is becoming a crucial aspect of blockchain and sports.

Dapper labs have built the blockchain called flow. This blockchain helps the users to capture the in-game moments.

What is NBA Top Shot ?

NBA Top shot is one of the most important traders in the Non Fungible Tokens. If you open twitter or any other crypto news portal the new trend that you see is that of the NFTs or the non fungible tokens. NFTS are becoming more mainstream these days.
NBA Top shot is the example of the used case of Flow Blockchain. NBA Top Shot is helping the National Basketball Association, or NBA, become a magnet for digital collectibles.

Hive Blockchain

The platforms like #sportstalksocial, which is built on the hive blockchain, needs to try some "out of the box" strategies to attract the sports stars to make investments or create content or send message or appeal their fans to make the #sportstalksocial more mainstream.
The story of Dappler labs is a classic example of how the blockchain can support the new concepts. They are dominating the world of NFTs with their innovative solutions when their blockchain is still in the beta phase. Its upto the imagination of the readers what will happen when they go main net.

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I think NBA topshot is still number 3 on the dappradar rankings, only behind the defi giants pancake swap and uni swap, goes to show good partnerships with established brands outside of the crypto world are critical to get mass adoption of blockchain technology