Expectation from POB - Token Prices Should be on Moon

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I have been active on this front end since last couple of days. I was exploring the different posts which were trending on the #proofofbrain platform.

I found this brilliant post written by @teapassion. In this post he proved that the break even period to get back curation rewards equivalent to your investments is just 15-20 days.

I found this image on google but I dont think this is impossible. Some whale on #proofofbrain can actually drive the prices of the token so high that it reaches moon.

As this platform is based on “proof of brain” as in decided by the community to go to authors according to the worth of their content, which serves and the “proof of brain” of the author, I thought of creating a post around it.

The only expectation that i have from this platform is the prices should not drop because as mentioned in the above post, all the calculations revolve around the current token prices.

If the token prices fail then the whole break even period changes and the efforts are not justified. Here is another interesting post by @madstacks on why it is necessary to invest at the current prices. I completely agree with his views.
We need to ensure that the tokens we have received are not sold in hurry and without trying and exploring this front end.

The only expectation that i have from #pob is that the prices should reach moon as early as tomorrow.

This post is written as response to the challenge by @vempromundo on current week theme

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I liked the image of whale taking the flight across the sea. Very indicative. Hope there comes some POB whale who takes the flight of token holders to the moon. The prices of POB token goes beyond a dollar. @gimmetricks1 i am following you on twitter.

Great post, I fully agree and I do think prices will get stronger due to the proof of brain rewards concept being the most fair on the blockchain - more will want to use it as word spreads:)

The price is tje key and as per ky calculaion also the brake even is also possible with in a month time.. the ither factor is reward pool also...
Thanka for sharing

I really loved that whale flying in sky above sea. Hope the prices grow faster

Thank you for mentioning me in the post. I am glad you liked it and tried making a calculation break even yourself. Keep it up.