How tweets are affecting the crypto communities ?

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Twitter is a real-time microblogging platform. There are close to 200 million active users on Twitter who post approximately 500 million tweets every day. It is a huge platform for the promotion of business. But in addition to that it is also a great platform for crypto currency community.

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Influential Tweets

Most of us know what's the worth of a single 'Tweet' by a person with a huge following like Elon Musk, Technoking of Tesla. When he tweets, the Crypto Market reacts.

He tweeted about Dogecoin and the prices of this coin went skyrocketing, when he tweeted about investments in Bitcoin, it reached all time high. Now it is said that crypto enthusiasts are also building the twitter bots to analyse the tweets from Elon Musk and trade in bitcoin.
Another such investor was John Mcafee.

#leofinance activities

Since last couple of days there has been a lot of activity on #leofinance. There are proposals for marketing hive on twitter. @nathanmars, who is very very active on Twitter recently compiled the list of 500 hive accounts on twitter, which received overwhelming response.


We as the community on #proofofbrain are a small community and if we have to grow we need a lot more number of investors to support the community. I have created a #twitterpob on this community and would be happy to support whoever contributes to it.

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I'm thinking of ways to take PoB to twitter, but I still haven't come up with any good enough ideas to make it worthwhile.

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Twitter is HIVE's Best Friend

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