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RE: Can we precisely define the term "Whale" on the POB Platform ?

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I can see that there are many attempts made in the past to define the whale on Hive platforms. I am seeing that this definition you have provided here in your post is completely new and simple to understand.
I would be honest, I read both the definitions given here in the comments section, but it was difficult for me to understand where to get these Mvests and why the definition was complicated.
I mean it could have been as simple as some one with 100 hive should be called a minnow or 100 thousand hive should be called whale.
In your post the definition is quite clear. Anyone with exact POB power and the vote value above a threshold is whale. Both these parameters can be seen in the wallets.

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Yes it is quite complicated to work on the MVests. That was the reason why i felt that i would come out with something which is easily understandable and not too complicated. Considering that at today's inflation rate we just need 597 POB power to be called as the whale. Your name is also in the list of those having POB power above 597 pobs staked.

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