What content would you like to see on POB

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Since the time I have joined this platform, I was never so overwhelmed as I was to see that i have won a challenge and got a 100 POB delegation from @vempromundo. In my life I have never won any challenge even once. This is really special. Thank you @vempromundo for this surprise.


Today, in response to his challenge i am writing another post. What would i like to see on POB. Before i started writing this i figured out that there is already a thread which is saying that this community should be of intelligence users.

No doubt this is really good expectation but there are many drawbacks of doing this as intelligent users in the whole world would be very limited and this stops the growth of the community.
I however expect the community to take up a different turn and make use of most popular tags on #hive blockchain. This helps us to be visible in the other influential hive users.

Twitter Alignment

I have been active on twitter since last couple of months. I like to promote the different trends on twitter. This platform is the depiction of the trend in the world. If we have to create the engagement in the community we need to follow the twitter hashtags as well.

I would be happy to see more users writing about different trends on hive, #leofinance, posh, sportstalk, stem, #ctp on POB. May be from the prices of the tokens to the stories related to hive block--chain. This helps us to spread the word in twitter users and can greatly benefit the #pob community. If you search for the tag #proofofbrain on twitter you get to see some users like @regenerretta, @wiseagent, @coffeelovers and @oldmans. But we need to have more number of users on twitter posting under the #proofofbrain tag.

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i'm starting follow you in twitter :D

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Hi @gimmetricks1, i understand you are doing a great job on twitter. I just saw the #proofofbrain and could see the names you have mentioned and till the time i have the delegations, i would be very happy to curate the content shared on twitter. Feel free to create a new tag and post your twitter posts in the same.

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Great post, @gimmetricks1. Twitter can actually promote a greater exposure of the project and also a higher level of engagement.

Thanks for the mention.