My POB Staking Journey : More than 1.5K POB staked

in Proof of Brainlast month

Hello all Hive Lovers,

Hope you all are doing good.

I have been engaging actively in Proof of Brain community since i came to know about this. I have been curating a lot of posts every day have been receiving a good amount of curation reward.

I am staking all the token regularly to support this community and platform.

I staked 140 tokens today :


and my total POB power is 2715 ( 1715 mine + 100 delegation)


With all the staking so far, i finally achieved another milestone with more than 1500 POB tokens.

I am still chasing my goal of 2K POB power.

Hope i will reach it this month only.

Thanks for stopping by.
Please up-vote and re-blog to support.


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Congratulations bro on reaching this milestone ✨✨✨

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Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting.
This community had been amazing and supported a bit time.
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That's so cool @harpreetjanda.

Many congratulations. That's a great milestone to achieve. Wish you many more of them!

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Thank you very much for all the help.
Just waiting for 2k tokens, hopefully I will be a able to achieve it soon.
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Thank you very much for stopping by. This is a.good milestone indeed. Eyeing for more 2k POB power.
I am staking all the tokens to increase my power for better curation.
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All the best buddy. You will achieve 2K for sure. I am eyeing for 1K for now and let's hope I will reach there next month.

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This POB token is great I see the future, I also have a little, but very little hahaha

I hope I have a good amount,

Stick to the community and engage more people here. Widen your networks and I am sure that with the help of this amazing community, you will gain more stake and have good amount in near future.
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congratulations. i am new to POB so i have a long way to go to reach that level

Don’t worry, people are very nice here. Stay active and you will definitely have a good start and reach to any level in no time.
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thanks so much for the warm words. this is a vey interesting community so i will be here often

Congrats! Awesome numbers, keep on keeping on.

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This is really an awesome number, I have been accumulating and targeting 2k tokens.
That would be next awesome number for me - 2k tones.
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@harpreetjanda! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @successchar.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Congrats. Great way to show your support for the community. I believe you'll be at 2k in no time as long as you remain consistent

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Yeah, this is the best way to support and showing trust in community. Staking is important to show the sentiments of community.
I am trying to be consistent and engaging more and more people.
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That's great


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Awesome!!!! Congratz on your milestone!!!

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Thank you very much for commenting and encouraging me.
Take care and have a good day.
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