Why We Should Let Go


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It's easy to get excited when we think about goal setting.

Just imagine...running your own online business...creating a fulltime-income with crypto here on the blockchain...or whatever your dreams might be...

Wow! That sounds great. It feels great when you are thinking those thoughts. It's exciting and it fills you with joy.

But then we come back to reality and we have to face those daunting tasks. We have to come up with ideas to create quality content. We have to at least show up every day and engage. We have to read other people's posts, support them and curate good content.

Suddenly doubt sets in again. "I'm not a good writer...", "I don't know what to write about...", "I don't know how to produce video content...", "I don't understand everything on the blockchain yet...", and the list goes on and on... Okay, maybe let's look at this again tomorrow. I'll try to write something tomorrow...or when I get some inspiration...

No, no, no! Tomorrow will also have a tomorrow, and so on...

With that mindset, you will never get anywhere.

What happened to that excitement you felt when you were thinking about your goals?

We are getting closer to the solution to the problem now... Those were not goals yet. They were just dreams. It's merely a wish list.

Have you written any of those "goals" down yet? Have you committed to an action plan yet as to how you would work towards, and achieve those goals? Have you set some target dates or deadlines for yourself?

A goal that hasn't been written down remains a dream. And a dream becomes a goal when you write it down and actually create an action plan to achieve it. And then obviously, you have to take action.

It all sounds easy, but it's not. Sorry to pop the bubble there...but if it was easy, we all would have been doing it. It's simple, but not easy.

The easy way is to put it off until tomorrow...and more often than not, tomorrow never comes.

The best way to overcome this "problem" (and I am personally working hard on this one currently), is to change your thinking.

One thing we need to remember is that the results that we will see tomorrow, are a product of our actions today. So, as long as we keep doing things the same way, we will keep seeing the same results.

And that is part of the problem. We look in the mirror, and we see ourselves the way we are. We think of ourselves, and the image that comes up in our mind is how "I can't do this", "I battle with that", "I don't have enough money", "I'm overweight/skinny"...etc, etc...

As long as we keep thinking that way, we will keep acting that way and keep on seeing the same results.

I recently watched an interview with a South African female bodybuilder. Apparently, it is only two years now since she actively started taking part in the sport of bodybuilding, yet she has already won the South African national title recently and is currently qualifying to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games.

The one thing that struck me was when she said "when I started training, I knew exactly what I wanted to look like and I had a very clear picture of that in my mind".

And that is exactly what I am talking about. We should know exactly who and what we would like to become and start to think that way. When we start to think that way, we will soon start acting that way too.

It has been scientifically proven that your thoughts have a huge impact on your actions.

And that is why I say, Let go of the past...leave it behind and start focusing on your future self. First work on yourself, become the person you want to be, then you will get what you want to have...

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. ~ Lao Tzu

Yesterday, when I was watching the Crypto Maniacs show of @jongolson and @taskmaster4450, I heard @taskmaster4450 making a very strong statement. He pointed out why there may be only such a few successful people. He mentioned how many people "talk" a great game, but when "the rubber hits the road" there are only a few people who say "I am going to become a crypto millionaire, no matter what... Even if I do it 0.001 Hive at a time, then so be it...". That is the type of person who will make it. He'/she has a clear picture of the end result in his/her mind with a detailed action plan of how to get there.

As I have already said, my primary focus at the moment is to work on my thinking. How I think, what I think, and how and where I see myself in the future.

I hope this post will be useful to you if you are having a hard time seeing any results.