Building the ultimate Decentralized Scammer tracking system, "DefiScamtrak".

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Exchange Attacks

Over the past few months we have watched as exchange after exchange has been hacked by scammers with no real recourse for investors,

I would like to see if people would like to see a decentralized scammer tracking system being established and built on the blockchain. If so reach out, I may know some guys with a little time on there hands.

Click this link.

This is a typical hyperlinked scam changing a phone number or an address to a hyperlinked contact using the scammers details from where once clicked you have compromised not only your location but also you Phone number, IP address and email, home address and maybe even your bank account details and possibly even your crypto wallet address.


A Rude awakening.

Many people have woken up to the realization that centralized finance is certainly no better secured that Decentralized finance at least with Defi you remain anonymous and uncompromised.


May 11th 2021

As of May 11th 2021 scammers on the Celsius exchange have now began to exploit compromised wallets according to scubiedoo | mycryptolife on PublishOX.

You can see this activity "HERE"

Apparently victims funds that have been scammed are being transferred to this wallet address : 0xa850345f03be2e6e689f57ac5060f93758716d54

And there are apparently some additional interactions over to the following address as well: 0x7d704f039625593233cb7bd0d93c859c02360c09 as can be seen in the following image.


Ongoing problem that needs addressing

This is an ongoing issue that seriously needs to be addressed if we are to have any trust in these exchanges.

Sure enough we can dedicate a small percentage of our earnings maybe as little as 0.005 percent to tracking these pond scum lowlifes.

but is this something people would be happy to fund and possibly earn some DST tokens from, I truly hope so and based on your feedback, this maybe something I seriously pursue

Risks Verses Rewards

We all seek to earn a living from crypto but to do this at the expense of others should never be tolerated, should we just use the power of blockchain to harvest the data of these criminal lowlifes that think they are untrackable.

This could be a posititive endeavour and allow victims that pursue scammers and also earn back some DST or "DefiScamtrak", tokens or currency if this plan comes to fruition.


Possible development.

If you are a frontend, back end, SQL, Javascript, HTML or blockchain developer, designer or content creator with some Idea's I would love to hear from you, lets take this on as a community project, that benefits everyone.

I can put together a formidable team if this is something that investors are interested in seeing I must however stress, that unless of course people want to see recourse for their loses, fund alternative actions then it is next to impossible for me to challenge without relevant details and information.


What can be achieved.

I believe it is possible to track not only IP addresses, Phone numbers, locations, bank account details and even crypto addresses of these scammers on the blockchain , but is this the avenue you really want blockchain software to examine we could also find there current locations, photo identification and even there crypto wallets, but help is definitely needed to achieve this, if we come together and harvest the power of the blockchain digital scammers will become a thing of the past and resort back to farming because they will have no other means.

What are the risks.

Achieving this without risking decentralized privacy is always an issue of utmost importance and this is a subject we welcome further discussion on.

In fairness if you cannot earn a legitimate income online then maybe you shouldn't be online.

And if you want to scam innocent investors then be warned for "DefiScamtrak". will be coming after you at every turn and we will focus on returning any scammed finances that have been transacted through your crypto wallets and identifying you to local authorities.

No innocent trader, investor or crypto enthusiast should ever fear this possible technology as it will be blockchain based and aimed only at those seeking to steal your investments.

If we can attack this issue in a decentralized manner then we can tackle the scammers without having any effect on HODLers.

There are many other options available that can bankrupt these scammers and lock them out of crypto wallets, bank accounts, investment and even possible land rights without using government statistics, such as blocking or denying email, mobile phone or ISP accounts in specific locations.

No ISP equals not online access and no crypto access. its as simple as that, this is also the main reason the elite don't try to shut down cryptocurrencies because it would need to include shutting down the entire internet which would in turn shut down access to worldwide shares and portfolios, without which the elites having access to there world finances would entry a tail spin.

I find it kind of fitting that a system built by with them in mind has become so reliant on everything around it and could be there inevitable downfall.

We are in a time when scammers should definitely fear the blockchain "DefiScamTrak", because with every upgrade from now on, every mistake they make online could put them at risk of not only risking there actual financial and future freedoms, but also the freedom of there entire families as governments will aim to use any illegal wealth gained during a period of no income as a method to track them down and imprison every single person or account holder responsible indefinitely.

A digital Crininal assets agency has been formed by some of the worlds elite agencies and if you have assets that you cannot account for it is planned that you will fortfiet these assets and possibly spend a long time imprisoned.

This should not however alarm normal Investors, traders or crypto holders as these systems have only be used on the blockchain to track scammers, this is another reason why we see less criminals on blockchain social and thankfully so.

Sharing your opinions.

What are your opinions on this and is it something you would like to see? I know many of my privacy based friends will be cautious, but if it becomes a Defi project that goes after scammers that have been reported by multiple sources, and you can earn a little back in return is that not a good thing.

I know from experience many scammers will argue No this is terrible, but that is there nature and they cannot hide that fact.

If you do see a possible solution, I would love to hear from you, your idea's and hopes for such technology as together we can build a system that suits these scammers right out of the game and removes them immediately as soon as they portray scammer tactics

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