POB: The Non Frugal T-shirt Company and free NFT Giveaway week 3


I'm back as promised with some new NFT designs to giveaway from a new collection I have been working on for my soon to be launched later in the year Non Frugal T-Shirt Company.I am currently looking into the right platform to host the t-shirt designs.

For this giveaway I will be giving away ten limited edition originally designed #pob NFTs, five each of the red and blue Non Frugal T-Shirts Only ten of each will ever be minted

What is the Non Frugal T-Shirt Company?.

Let me first say the Non Frugal T-Shirt Company is in the early stages of development at the moment, I have set up a number of online T-Shirt stores, with a plan to sell Non Frugal T-Shirt NFTs that will be linked to a physical product. from my limited edition T-Shirt collection that is in ongoing design for Crypto and blockchain social sites that I like to frequent including #proofofbrainio, and #CineTV,

A full list of these along with links can be found below should you like to follow my progress.

  1. ProofofBrain
  2. CineTV
  3. Torum,
  4. Carbon Social
  5. Read.Cash
  6. Noise.Cash
  7. PublishOX
  8. Den.Social

Once The Non Frugal T-Shirt Company is launched those who purchase NFTs from the Non Frugal T-Shirt Company will also get a physical representation of that NFT as a T-shirt,, each NFT Purchased will be accompanying by a physical T-shirt which will be sent via mail and will be a Limited Edition.

I am currently seeking out the best host that will allow me to produce the kind of designs I want the company to offer, for each of the finished NFTs and Non frugal T-shirts to be launched later in the year, They will be digitally produced in much finer quality, than what you see in the NFT images presented Today. Below is a better image however I am still not happy with the quality of the images on the current site I am playing with, so the work continues and I will post periodic updates as my work progresses.


Please Note:
The NFTs in this giveaway will not be accompanied by a physical T-shirt, they are due to be minted this evening specifically for this promotional giveaway, The final Designs for The Non Frugal T-shirt Company launch have yet to be finalised but will be unique original designs to represent each of the sites I currently publish on.

If you would like to get in contact with me to learn more about the project you can do so via direct message on Torum.

The First Pob NFT


The First #pob NFT giveaway design is what I refer to as the black eye, it is a red Non Frugal T-shirt with a distinctive black mark in the manipulated POB Logo on the right upper chest

Final Mint can be viewed HERE

The Second Pob NFT


The Second #pob NFT giveaway design is what I refer to as the red eye, it is a blue Non Frugal T-shirt with a distinctive red mark in the manipulated POB Logo on the right upper chest

Final Mint can be viewed HERE

Make sure to include your WAX Address and preference NFT

The Rules

  1. share or retweet the tweet shared in the comments below on your twitter feed

  2. Tag me @Jaxsonmurph and tag #proofofbrainio in that tweet

  3. Follow me on Twitter/ I will follow back ( Optional )

  4. Copy the link to that tweet and share it in the comments as well as:

  5. Drop your Wax Addy

Let me know which NFT you would like: The Red Eye or The Black Eye.

NFT Distribution

Again 10 NFTs will be distributed one week from the date of this post to the first ten people that complete the rules and help me create awareness for the #pob community on Twitter, you will also find numerous NFT Giveaways retweeted on my feed HERE Only one NFT per participant.

This is a Proof of Brain exclusive Giveaway

This offer is exclusive to the #pob community, so if you have read this post which will be shared across multiple platforms, you are welcome to take part from the proof of brain community front end, which you can find HERE.

However if you do not already have a Hive blockchain account and would like to get started you can set up an account HERE and start earning hive, leo and proof of brain tokens for creating original content, staking, engagement and curation.

Final Notes:
If you would me to tag you in future NFT giveaway posts let me know in the comments below, I will be happy to do so @samsmith1971 @djjourneyman23

Last weeks NFTs will be distributed shortly

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Nice Jaxson! I think the NFT to physical inventory idea down the line is fabulous!
Tweeted, tagged, followed, linked here:
My wax addy is sbse.wam and I like the red eye :-)


Thanks Sam appreciate that, I think it could add value to crypto through the NFT market as well as for marketing