POB; When Is Rich Ever Rich Enough?


Over the past two years we have seen a massive and unprecedented redistribution of wealth moving from the middle classes to the most wealthy in our societies, so much so that the wealth of the top 10% has now surpassed that of the remaining 90% of the worlds population.

  1. In this post I beg the questions, when is rich, rich enough?
  2. How are they accumulating such vast sums?
  3. What are they accumulating it for?
    And How we can avoid playing into the consumer trap.


As the rich inevitably get richer, so too the poor get poorer that is an undeniable economical fact, the people behind this wealth transfer are arguably some of the cleverest business minds or at least have been wise enough to employee and in some cases exploit the best and brightest of humanity.

But what can we learn from this? and how can we avoid falling into the consumerism trap. I will address this later in the article.

When is Rich, Rich Enough?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on a multitude of reasoning for each of the worlds wealthiest individuals, some may want to be successful, others may want to reach the stars, while others might be content with owning land, property and businesses that gives them a substantial income that will secure the health and well being of their families future.

There are however the exceptions, those that have greedy, dark ulterior motives, these are the power hungry ones that we should never give our money too, the kind that just want to take and keep taking until they have everything and you have nothing.

Remember those famous Great Reset words of Klaus Schwab, You will own nothing and be happy.

I would love to see just how happy him and his (WEF) World Economic Forum Club would be giving everything they own to a group of homeless people with no strings attached, LMAO, It would never happen and you know why. They are not that stupid, but yet they think you and I are.
They are that greedy that they wouldn't even buy a homeless person a cup of coffee on a cold dark night.

For those in that club no amount is ever rich enough, they will continue to consume wealth until the world is poor, please remember that the next time you want one of their latest gadgets or services and by all means never donate to one of their charities, at least 90-95% never reach it's intended use after the huge CEO and staff wages, office property costs, energy costs, transportation, security and insurance has been subtracted.


Philanthropy sounds great on paper, but in reality is nothing more than a tool used by the wealthiest 1% under the disguise of doing good, giving back to society, or doing medical research for the betterment of man, when in fact it is nothing more than a method to accumulate massive wealth by distracting you from that ulterior motive of earning more wealth.

Governments and banking cartels have gone along with this for decades because it accumulates further revenue that might not have otherwise been accumulated.

Hand in mouth the big banks and institutions are happy to continually print massive amounts of fiat currencies to bail out the businesses and failed endeavors of these individuals while reducing the value of your money.

Here is an article I found on jacobinmag that best describes Philanthropy as the scam that it is. Philanthropy is a Scam


How are they accumulating such vast sums?

It is no secret that money begets money if you invest it wisely, this is one of the reasons they dislike cryptocurrencies so much, because it gives the little guy an opportunity to invest his fiat currency into something that can give a very high (ROI) Return on Investment, but only if you are prepared to (DYOR) Do Your Own Research and invest in viable tokens and coins that have a proven track record, with a solid team, good use cases and clear plan for future growth, these can be hard to find among the many thousands that are available.

Not everyone can afford to invest in the old reliables such as land, property or gold, but that doesn't mean you cannot start investing small amounts is cryptocurrencies, with a plan to one day own your own land or property, if you don't already.

Dare to dream and you might just achieve those dreams.

I do not in any way profess to know the best way of doing this as each individual has there own financial limitations and opportunities, I would simply say never bet your last dollar on a coin or token, only invest what you can afford to lose, nothing is certain and cryptocurrencies are no different, but if you find you have a spare $10, $100, $1,000 or even one million Dollars that you can afford to invest then DYOR and invest it wisely.

Never invest money you might later need quickly, or money that will be needed to pay the bills or buy your shopping and grocery supplies, that is never a good option and will most definitely cause stress and anxiety.

There is however some great options to borrow on the strength of your crypto portfolio holdings, so if you do need a new car, phone, computer or property consider using your portfolio as leverage against any future payments as the value of crypto rises you can offset the repayments against the rising value of your portfolio. Just an option.

The wealthiest 1% have used their money rather wisely and never buy into the consumer trap, they know it all too well and it's inner workings, they don't feel the need to keep up with the Joneses and understand the fundamental difference between a need and a want.

They understand the value of strategic investment in assets that will give them a (ROI) Return On Investment and grow in value over time, Land, Property, Gold, Silver, Commodities and now Cryptocurrencies.

If you can utilise this way of thinking you too can become successful by using your wealth to accumulate further wealth, try to only purchase unnecessary items that will give you a profit or return on investment, no matter how small it may be starting off, it will grow and accumulate over time. Think long term strategy.

Maybe you have discovered something that others in your area may want and are willing to pay a little bit more than you can source it for.

Start building your portfolio and brand today, the future you will thank you for it.

What are they accumulating it for?
And How we can avoid playing into the consumer trap

Many of the wealthiest people feel the need to continue accumulating massive amounts of land, property and wealth, Like I mentioned earlier, some have logical strategic plans to reach the stars, some fear our planet may be dying and want to ensure the survival of mankind, while others want to be immortal and live forever and will do almost anything to achieve those goals.

This kind of thinking is within us all, I mean who wouldn't want to live forever, Right! but is it even possible, some believe so, it might be obtainable decades from now with the right studies and investments in research.

But if it becomes obtainable, who benefits, just a select few, just the 1% or will it be for the betterment of mankind.

I certainly don't think those that have planned for decades to depopulate the world, will want you and I sticking around to use up what they believe are their resources in the brave new immortal World.

Some of them have what's referred to as the God Complex In fact George Soros suffers this mental paradox and believes he is a God like figure, I have dropped some links below to articles that explain this in the further reading section below for those interested.


How to Avoid the Consumerism Trap

To address our own role in this we first must take a deep dive into our own consumer mind set and understand why we feel the need to have the latest gadgets, finest shoes or a better car than the Joneses next door.

Over the past few decades big business has become smarter at making us let go of our hard earned cash, whether it be the constant new products released quarterly for your favourite football teams. the latest gadget updates that promise to be better than the last or the endless promotions and advertisements aimed at making you feel as if you have less than others that have these products.

This is a difficult mind set to break for those who want to be seen as fashionable, influential or just in keeping with the Joneses

Make no mistake there is of course a need for many consumer products but there is also a very dark side to this industry that is geared towards taking as much of your cash as possible, this is when you need to balance your needs versus what you want and chose to purchase what you need and fore go stuff you do not need but would like to have.

Knowing the difference is not very difficult. you need to put your long term plans ahead of short term wants

Further Reading

I am not an affiliate of or get paid in any way for sharing these links, I do so solely for further educational reading on the topic.

  1. Why Consumerism is a Trap and how to avoid it
  2. The Consumer Trap, exposing capitalism, marketing & market totalitarianism
  3. George Soros: The ‘God’ Who Carries Around Some Dangerous Demons
  4. George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything, I Control America And Hillary Clinton’

Hope you enjoyed the read, and find some understanding as to why the rich seem to want to just get richer, this post barely broaches what is a wide and comprehensive topic, but I do hope it will give you a starting point from which to flex your God like muscles LOL

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When is Rich, Rich Enough?

I think that getting rich is a relative thing and for me you have a good income continuously and it also grows
And it is not a large number in your bank account that is constantly decreasing because of your expenses

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Yes @cristina-zac I think most people are happy just not being in debt and comfortably making ends meet.

But as you say something that you can see growth or accumulated wealth over time, is something we should all plan for.

Thanks for dropping by I appreciate your comment cheers.


Nicely written.
They know every trick in the book to make us let go of our hard earned money.
Their adverts are aimed to make fools of us.
They make use of the so called celebrities to lure people
It is sad to see people watching these adverts and think they want everything they see and throw away their hard earned money.
Why wouldn't they become rich and the middle class poorer?
Sad but true.
Philanthropy is a cover up for their sins
and Soros is the demon himself.


I totally agree, then sooner people can see by the filtered lies, the better off they will become financially and mentally.

Knowing how to do this can be a big advantage, we have to beat them using there own rules and crypto will give us that advantage, I think that scares the hell out of them.

I appreciate you dropping by to engage.