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This was such an awesome talk that I had to upload it to make sure people got a chance to check it out!

@brianoflondon was our guest today and he dove into a little project he's been working on called:

Pod Ping

This is what Brian calls, podcasting 2.0 and he is looking to make some major waves in the podcasting space!

And guess what technology this will be based on....

If you guessed Hive, you win :)

Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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Great listen! I saw the one hour, forty-eight minutes and said....well, I'll just check out a few minutes. One hour and forty-eight minutes later I'm like, That was Awesome! Dude totally reminds me of that Oliver news guy on HBO. Except Brian is on the correct side of the media. :-) You can tell he's really excited about what they're building, and when guys who seem to know their shit get excited, it gets guys like me, who don't, REALLY excited. lol

We're kind of back to "we don't know where, when, why, or how it's coming, but it IS coming for Hive". If he succeeds with this and starts pulling in more devs, the sky is literally the limit. It won't happen overnight, but I can tell you one thing, Hive will be worth a lot more than 36 cents.

I've said this many times before, I truly believe Hive has a great opportunity to become a fundamental cornerstone of the cryptosphere in the future. Videos like these only further that belief.

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Thanks so much for watching the entire show :)

Yeah it was such a fun topic and I know Brian could have kept going. I was enjoying every minute of it. And you are right, if this takes off...Oh wow.

He may have gone all night if he re-filled his wine glass. lol He was starting to roll. I would love to hear some more of his "clips" between his guys. Hopefully you can have him on again in another month or two. Super exciting stuff that we daily-grinders don't get to see too often.

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That was fantastic and thanks for just letting me speak and speak! I'm pretty excited by this and I got enough votes during the stream to get me passed the return proposal and then a few minutes later I passed the lower of the HBD buy back ones so it's funded.

This sends a huge signal to the non-Hive devs and teams I'm working with and I'll write this up later this morning..

Right now I'm listening live to the President of El Salvador and I think his brother is reading off the vote count on the Bitcoin bill and it's passed!

Yup, just saw that about El Salvador...First of many countries I think!

And awesome news about the proposal!!! Congrats on that, can't wait to see this project get out there and adopted by the podcasting companies more!


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ha ha ha ha ha legend!

Very interesting information that was shared on the podcast. It appears that a lot of progress is being made to get hive platform to be one of the go to technologies for dev. This will help push hive into the mainstream in no time. Build, stake, grow....

Things like this are so important for the blockchain. And shows how much can be built here on Hive!

I learned quite a bit and I didn't realize he had a proposal. I don't have much HP but I gave him my vote since every little bit counts.

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It does, and it got funded thanks to everyone's support :)

This is fantastic. After making this comment I will go and vote @brianoflondon's proposal. I believe this is huge. I do like his leveraging of the current climate change rhetoric as a marketing tool. I am a tree hugger after all. 😉

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ha ha ha yeah i think that's brilliant. they wanna use that narrative, then we use it against them lol

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Thanks for the push guys, appreciate the support!

I had some idea about this, I think it's from Task, but having Brian as a guest and talking about it made things more clear. I voted for the proposal, that's a good use of funds I believe.

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Thanks man, yeah I think this is a great project for the DHF. Glad it got funded!

That is pretty call
we need to be more patient for hive

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That and get more people using this stuff, which is the biggest needed in my opinion.

Love love love the conversation guys!!! I am blown away by this particular use case of Hive that is purely tech-based and utilizes the decentralized and fast computing aspects. Never thought such a thing could be done through this. Thanks for such a refreshing episode cryptomaniacs.

@brianoflondon is doing a great job with Pod Ping. I am waiting for the press release where Apple is talking about how Hive Blockchain is helping them get podcast release notifications. ✌ Can't even imagine how huge that would be. Btw, I am excited to see this getting developed because it has a utility in other domains too. All the best!

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