#MyHiveGoals - The Next Few Weeks Will Be Tough

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Updated! #MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

One thing I've been happy about on my journey here on the blockchain has been my dedication to blogging and creating content every single day.

The problem with that is...Life happens.

Commitments over the next few weeks will be tough for me to maintain my present content creation habits. I'm moving back west which means a week on the road and a brand new house to set up once I get there...

And that's only the next 2-3 weeks...Then comes the summer, which is another story in itself.

Regardless....No excuses!

I have purchased a brand new laptop to be able to document as much of my journey as I can again plus keep up with the content to the best of my abilities.

Let's see how the next few months on my Hive Goals do...

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats (1).png

Another great week of slow and steady stacking!

My favorite :)

150,000 - 107,363.84 = 42,636.16 left to go

Love seeing this number go down and down each and every week!

The magic that is Hive Power :)

20,000 LEO Power & 5000 POB Power

My-Wallet-—-LeoFinance (1).png

Another really good week of LEO accumulation.

20,000 - 13,909.885 = 6,090.115 left to go

It's almost under 6k to my goal. I'm very happy about that!

And now for my newest 'goal'...Tracking my @proofofbrainio power


I got a REAL late start on this tribe, and missed my opportunity to get in early. Still, the mission of accumulation has begun...

5000 - 780.88 = 4219.12 left to go

This is going to be a big challenge, but I'll stack POB for the remainder of the year and see how close we can get to 5k :)

Dollar Cost Average Into Hive-Engine Projects

This week I purchased:


And after this week's buys I'm at....

7330 @he-index
842.32 @brofund
440 @utopis

I see that the price of Hive is dipping, we'll see if that can translate into some more Hive Engine token accumulation for me this week. Other than that, steady as she goes!

100 Hive Per Day In Rewards

I'm interested to see how this goal will progress, especially over the next few weeks and months.

Crossing fingers lol

30 Rewards from Creating
14.60 Rewards from Curating
3.144 Rewards from @dlease
11 Rewards from Misc.

Total Rewards = 58.74 Hive Per Day

A slight increase from last week, so I'll take that all day every day :)

25 Orcas / Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

I will remove the Dolphin / Orca goal as we reached it on April 2, 2021

Stay up to date with all the news from the CTP Swarm by following both @clicktrackprofit and @ctpsb

But we will move forward with the goal of hitting 5 cents per CTP token!

Let's take a look at the price of the CTP Token...

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (5).png

A little dip since last week, but still....I don't expect massive price bumps as all of crypto takes a hit.

We'll hope for a better week for CTP over the next 7 days.


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Keep on rockin', @jongolson!

You can do it. Sooner or later it's gonna happen.

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Thanks very much...Slow and steady it's working!

Great progress. Good luck on your move. Stay safe and take care.

Thanks man...One day, I'll settle down in one spot LOL

That proofofbrain goal is going to be tough but the returns on it is also quite high since we are near the beginning. Good luck on it and I tend to find that the best way to get the tokens is to post or comment. As for the market, it tends to be quite competitive.

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I've been buying a few, but creating content on POB has been great so far.

Getting there ! But still a long way to go :D.

Keep Grinding !

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Never ending either...Even if I hit the goals, I'll build bigger ones lol

It will be entertaining to follow your journey as you move house if you find the time to post about it. Safe travels !

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Yeah I made the move out here last year and now going back LOL

Should be a fun little trip!

But we will move forward with the goal of hitting 5 cents per CTP token!

I like this kind of goal. It's not that easy to reach it because there are a lot of factors that can't be controlled but I think that with the tools that we have, we can go this way. Btw, I've increased the upvotes of ctpsb to ctpchat, so this will give even a bit more funds to purchase and burn CTP tokens.

Brilliant stuff man, yeah I've been steadily burning the tokens too...Bought a bunch last week via CTP Chat.

I believe that if I continue to grow in POB I may one day reach these values in HIVE and LEO as well as you.

congratulations for the great work

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It's a very refreshing angle to tokenomics. I think it helped it grow so well these past few months.

CPT 5 cents is a low goal IMO. Any plans for improvements or onboarding on the tribe?

I just want it steady. It's been over 5 cents. But needs stability IMO.

Oh we're onboarding lots of people to Hive and CTP. It happens directly through ClickTrackProfit.com StartEarning.Today TheHiveGuide.com and our newsest project which will be launched soon.

Nice progress. Great week for you with Leo, the POB Target will be a little tough one. Best wishes