The Curious Case Of...Actual Use Case!

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The crypto space is unlike anything I've ever been involved in before!

When I first got started in this stuff, it was literally a way that my company could get in on this 'new tech' and payment options. I never once thought of it as an investment. I never once looked at the markets. For me, it was just something entrepreneurs should take a good strong look at.

Sending and receiving payments for online entrepreneurs was done through PayPal for the better part of 15 years . And as we know, centralized services like PayPal can never be trusted. So as an entrepreneur who dealt exclusively with online payments, accepting crypto just made sense.

So the bull and bear markets happen over the past few years. And alt season is supposed to keep Hive top of mind. We're supposed to see those numbers that the previous blockchain enjoyed back in 2017 and early 2018....

We wait. We're patient. We just keep building...

But the price, rarely represents what is truly taking place on this blockchain. And while Hive was built and crafted through a 'crypto war' and FUD beyond belief, other projects in the crypto space really started to shine.

The DeFi craze hit all time highs recently and it seemed like every one and their mother was making 1000% or higher returns on the yield farming. Hive just kept plugging away, with our 3.44% yearly return on staked Hive. Some argued, we need to go full in on the DeFi stuff so we ended up adding the returns for holding HBD for a month. A nice bonus, but nothing that will send the markets into a frenzy for buying Hive.

Here's my take....

I fall in love with Hive more and more each and every day for multiple reasons, regardless of whether or not we'll ever get the hype that DOGE is currently enjoying...And mostly, because I can use this stuff every single day.

Remember how I mentioned that I got involved with crypto to look for a better way to 'pay' online? That was just the tip of the iceberg. I have brought my entire company and community to Hive and built our own front end and token (CTP).

My company has been developing multiple platforms on Hive (,, but also training our community members to embrace themselves fully into Hive. Part of building online businesses is content creation and social media marketing...Guess what, we can do ALL of that here.

From blogging to engagement, video creation to live streaming...You can do it all!

But it doesn't stop there....

After the DeFi craze went to level 10, the NFT hype was next. I admit, I love some good artwork but at the end of the day I always thought real world use case for NFT's was the hidden gold for them.

Enter @splinterlands

The king of blockchain games has it's home right here on Hive, and in case you are new to Splinterlands....With their NFT's you can actually use them each and every day within the game itself.

Use case again and again.

So sure, while Cardano has a lot of love on the markets. Doge has Elon's heart. Ethereum is the cool kid on the block. And Bitcoin will always be top of mind....Hive has been built with every day use case as it's trademark. This community drives activity across some of the coolest applications on any blockchain.

Regardless of price :)

And I believe it's just going to get better and better....

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I think one of the best things to come out of hard fork 25, is the ability to borrow newly created Hive Dollars for Hive from the blockchain itself. Just the news of this coming out has brought Hive Dollars to near parity. These changes are going to happen. I'll bet @ecency and @peakd are about to add changes to thier wallets allowing everyday users to borrow HBD should it go above a certain threshold above the USD. Certain users will do this and then try to sell on an exchange for the higher than USD value, and then repay the hive collateral with a nice profit. Repeat until the users collectively become rich enough to correct the price in the market. We will be able to defund @hbdstablizer, as it served its purpose and the purpose has expired. Other projects that are worthy can receive funding.

Yeah exactly, I can use HIVE every day, I can't use doge for much but trading now. The doge fees got too high ever since doge went up. 50 doge is the norm fee, that is wack!

I'll never understand Doge, but then again that's why Elon gets paid the big bucks LOL

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Doge is getting on coinbase again, that's why it's pumping again. What's good for doge is good for hive, so we like it!

NFT like splinterlands or any other game male a sence but the art work done by kids selling on market as NFT don't make sense... but some time people are like crazy....
Thanks fot sharing...

Yeah it's a super weird industry, but I'm glad Splinterlands has use case!

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The crypto space is unlike anything I've ever been involved in before!

My life, since Novemeber 2017... Haha! Finding this revolutionary path was (and still is) something incredible.

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Changes ya right? LOL

Such an awesome journey so far!

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It was so good to read about the index fund. Where can we see the comparison between the other coins with Index in terms of the APR and other relevant investor information.

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I think @amr008 does a report for all the income tokens on Hive Engine.

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I will try to do one very soon okay ? :)

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I don't know what will be around in the future but every use case is a good thing for each crypto. Personally I think NFTs that have uses like in games will bloom but I think the art or collection type NFTs will probably tank.

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Yeah it's an interesting case with art based NFT's...Some will sell for big, but the majority won't I don't think.

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The fact that Hive doesn't have transaction fees is fantastic and if HBD could be stabilized, maybe we could use it for payments.

Another good use of Hive is transferring between exchanges. Now, if only CoinBase added Hive. Wonder what it takes to get a listing on there.

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Oh wow...What a thing that would be. lol

Yeah if HBD ever stabilizes, we would have such an awesome tool here built right into the chain.

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Hive is going to stand the test of time because people use it for actual shit.
However, the media and people in general are only moved by hype, that's why a lot of value goes towards those projects. However, Hive is meant for people who want stability and steady growth, rather than flash in the pan money.

We keep building and growing, that's all to it.

It's a great point...All the hype seems to go to tokens that have promises, but rarely seem to have a working product...Meanwhile we continue to grow and use this stuff here lol

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I'm hoping that the recent mass sell offs of Hive are coming to an end, finally. I've been creeping up the rankings because of mainly other people above me selling.

I actually welcome the day when I stop moving up the HP leaderboard, I don't think it's too far off now!

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Yeah slowly more people are realizing what we have here. I know it's not as exciting as the hype thats in crypto, but long term, we're built on solid ground.

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It's still the most useable Chain there is, for anything other than pure 'money' !

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I know in the beginning I could not understand why you were so excited about blockchain. Now I do. !BBH

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LOL It's such an addiction now right? lol

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Great thoughts! I just keep coming here each day and building my account. Like you said. I have to believe that eventually it will all amount to something. There is just too much good stuff happening her for it to be overlooked much longer. Even if it takes five years, I will likely still be here...

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Yeah that's my thinking too...Worry about the price down the road. Right now, I'm just building and using :)

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For sure! I think the price would need to be around $5 or $10 per token for me to really even consider doing something besides powering up or investing in something on chain.

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I am with you on this Jon.
I have only used crypto but never for an investment. the only reason I am on hive is because I joined CTP via Steem. I love that I can do what i would normally do on other platforms and get paid for it. How awesome is that?
You helped me join through steem but I did not realise the value of this platform for another year. I didn't even know CTPtalk tokens were worth anything. I am glad that I pushed into Click Track Profit a little more. You are a true innovator

Appreciate the kind words man, we're just getting started here too :)

I think all you guys that have dove into this blockchain stuff are light years ahead of the online marketing industry.

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There will come a day when Hive will be recognized for what it is: a one-stop shop for all of your crypto wants or needs. Defi, markets, social media, videos, gaming, etc, etc,. It will all be here in one place and the rest of the world will discover it fully intact and ready to handle all comers. When that day happens, it will be very gratifying to have been here since the beginning. Probably still a few years away but...I'm confident it WILL happen.

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I truly believe that is our future.

There's just so many amazing things happening here...It will be amazing to see it when it happens!

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Appreciate that sir, thanks so much for the share!

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