It's Crypto Mondays - What Happens When Your Mom Starts Asking About Hive....

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Over the weekend I had a little road trip with my mom...

And during the 3 hour or so drive, we talked a LOT about....Crypto!

More specifically, Hive and what it means to my generation and even to hers.

I have already got her to start investing into certain currencies using Coinbase, but there might be a time in the near future...Where she starts diving into this blockchain.

To me, that's exciting when someone from her generation starts to give us a strong look!

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Good for your mom! Never stop learning new things. !BBH

Sounds like a productive discussion with your mom. When they ask so many questions, you know they want to learn. It does seem like social media has pretty much turned into just something trying to cause more FUD.

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That is awesome! I can't even imagine my parents being on Hive. That would be totally nuts. They are pretty tech adept too, I just think it would be one step too many for them to take!

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I will be happy to hear her ask such question that means she is advancing with change that is about to happen. I will do my best and give her the whole guide she need to engage more in investment.

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Above your text (on the ctptalk-post), I'm shown a 'blocked'-square with the text "This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue."

But I went & opened the 3Speak-link in a new tab.

I'm an X-ennial (my parents are Baby-Boomers, but I was born in 'the Milennial years') and/or I'm kind of an 'old soul,' but I still don't know 'what the value of blockchain-money is.'

Maybe it's partly because I was "introduced to it" by comedian Bill Maher, who thinks that crypto-mining is 'a huge waste of energy where the mining computer "guesses which number" the 'mine' (main computer) is thinking of.'

"dam kids and your imaginary money" :)))

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