It is Necessary to Awaken Love for Hive


We need to build more love for Hive. You know, I've been here for a long time. My Blockchain posting journey starts in August 2016, on Steemit. I remember that at the time what attracted users to Steemit was beyond the issue of rewards (make money by posting content), the sense of community and belonging were vital factors for people to join the platform.

People had a real love for the Steem brand, beyond the platform, the technology, the money. I remember users making products with the Steem brand to sell. Shirts, mugs, pens, miscellaneous clothes that bore the Steem brand. I remember that some users even had tattoos with the Steem brand. Several other products and "declarations of love" for the platform and community were more than common on Steemit/Steem.

The "SteemFest" was an event eagerly awaited by everyone (Hello @roelandp!). I remember my dream was to participate in an edition, but due to my financial conditions and distance, I was never able to go. But, "SteemFest" was an event that everyone would dream of attending.

In all this I think: And Hive?

What love for the platform, for the brand "Hive" (platform that completely replaced Steemit) do users nurture? I don't see it here.

I believe that Hive still needs a lot to have a consolidated brand, which awakens love from users as was Steemit.

The issue of tokens "smothered" the brightness of the Hive platform too much, perhaps the attention that users should pay to Hive was directed to tokens. This is where perhaps one of the factors of "failure" of Hive is that its developers and team should be aware of. There is a lack of marketing for Hive.

Please don't take this post as a negative review or something like that. These are just observations from one of the many old users of the platform. I really love this whole environment, it's no wonder I've been active on this platform for 5 years.

I've seen a lot of happening over that time, and I'd like to put my experience at the service of the platform's growth.

Thank you very much! Muito obrigado!

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Dude, my conclusion is that most of the powerful people on Hive are brainwashed, thats why I got the idea for Lassecash, here they have no power.