Hi Guys, hope you had a awesome time today. I got up around 7:48am in the morning, to get myself engaged in my early morning exercise unfortunately I couldn't completed it because of the rain suddenly started while I was about jogging so I had to skip and continue with my daily activities. After I was done assisting with the house chores I had to took my bath and started preparing for my siwes placement.

Getting to the office was kind of difficult for me today due to scarcity of transport in my area because of the rain and bad road. Here is a picture of me trekking to the office.

Image Of Me Walking Along The Road

I got to the office very late today with legs muddy meeting my supervisor in the office already. I explained everything to him the reason why I couldn't get to the office on time and he understood. Today, in the office was kind of less busy day because of the way the weather was today. I had little typing and printing task to be done. After that I was assigned to get fuel for the generator. Here is a picture of me and one of my training mate going to get fuel.

Image Of Me and My Training Mate Taking Shelter

We took shelter because of the rain that's why we were at a close shop. After we had gotten the fuel I just continue by printing all my already typed documents and the rest of the day was mine to enjoy. Here is a picture of me disturbing one of my training mate.

Image Of Me and My training Mate

Today was a very lovely day for me at work. After I was done in office for the day I head to the market and got myself an iPod. Here is a picture of what I bought at the market.

Image Of My New iPod

I got home, tried it on and it was amazing. Today was a amazing day with a great outcome.

I want to thank this community as a whole for everything. It been an awesome experience being a part of this community, also to appreciate @marvinix and @dweyne16 for hosting the #pobdaily challenge and mostly to all of you reading my posts. Thank you

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You have a nice day, and that show everything that have advantage also have disadvantage.

Because the rain disturb your morning exercise and you are not late to work.

But today you are able to post with your training mate at office.

Today was a amazing day with a great outcome for u and you are welcome

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