in the POOLs of red , POB remains green/ Its not too late to ape in

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I have not been much of a user of the proof of brain frontend but I am sure as hell a big-time believer. it is hard to turn a blind eye to this platform and the things they do and truth be told, they are making blogging quite enjoyable again.



I started using the platform two weeks ago before falling ill a week ago. I must confess that my little time on the platform, I enjoyed it because of the engagement found in the community and the plan the dev has for the community and it makes it one platform worth being part of.

so yeah, now that I am back, I must confess that I have not been a bit surprised by the rise of the POB token in the bear run. The reason why the tokens continue to the moon can be accessed from the corporation and dedication the community leaders have put in.

So yeah, the other day I created a post advising people to buy the token and I must confess that if one had keyed into it then, one might be in more money at the moment. Buying a token shouldn't just be about buying sake, one must access the user case and the tokenomics of the token before pouring money into it.



what's behind the token increase despite a general market dip

A lot of reasons are behind this increase in POB token value and some are explained in the bullet points below;

  • Majority of the tokens in circulation are already staked and that's even making the token hard for holders to sell. Many holders are scared to part with their POB due to the fact that getting it in the first place wasn't easy.
  • The POB tokens is quite limited in numbers with the total amount of the tokens amounting to about 385,805.77 which was ever printed.
  • constant burning of the tokens. I have to give a big kudos to the team/dev behind the token as they have perfectly installed a great burning mechanism to reduce the POB in circulation.
  • An enlightened community. most of the members of the POB community already has hands-on knowledge about cryptocurrency/blogging and they know selling their POB is definitely selling on the cheap. that in turn has caused scarcity of the POB token on the market


Well, the community is still trying to gain more grounds and they are doing it in the right way by asking for community support. a lot will change on the platform from the little plans and suggestions I have read so far.



Candid advice to readers/everyone
Buying POB might be the financial decision you might ever make in this lifetime. so it's advisable to be part of this movement now has a second later might be too late. Either buy the POB token or blog using the frontend

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7¢? They cost 35¢ today.

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Theh are obviosusly cheap at any price regardless . They are too valuabale to be have fixed price tag

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thanks/ will do asap


smart choice

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