I Couldn't Beileve It...A Rising Star Story

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It's been a while since I have written a Rising Star post, but I felt the need to share what happened to me. I have to say I had a pretty good day today. When I logged in this morning, I found I have won a Rising Star pack in @ynwa.andree's giveaway and I just had to share the results.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 3.38.16 PM.png

Yep, in my first pack since the announcement of the Summer Solstice Festival Special Mission, I got a S20 Father Earth card. And that's not all. Both the R52 Hippy Wagon and 24 Sippy are both unique cards for me, as well. That makes one free pack, three unique cards, and the ability to search for the S21 Cow Horn and S22 Pan Pipes cards (You can read more about that in this post).

I had been planning to save up my Starbits for a 12 pack, but I may have to put that on hold for a couple of weeks while I take part in the Festival. It's not like I will lose the Starbits. It will just take me longer to accumulate them. Why can't Rising Star just keep their Special Missions to themselves so I can keep working my plan (or at least wait until I'm finished)? I'm already having to save up to buy more cards because of all the new ones they just released. And who knows WHAT that Backstage Pass card is all about.

Well, I didn't find a new card in my first Summer Solstice Festival Special Mission, but the day is not over and my current mission is about to finish, and with 510 new fans from that pack, maybe I will be able to earn those Starbits just a bit faster and I get back to my Local Gig Circuit. Good thing I have plenty of Pizza to keep me going through the Festival.

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Lots going on! And that really is a great pack right now... I haven't been able to find a Father Earth card, so I bought one and now I have both special instruments. Just keep plugging away! :)

Lol right. There is just took much going on. Congrats again on your awesome pack. So great!! At least you can try and get a few rare cards and flog them on the market!!? Collectors gotta keep collecting man!!! Good luck!!!

You deserve that
I love your pack

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