Dark Drum & Bass Flashbacks - Dark Times

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Alright so after a quick chinwag in the comments section with @calumam on my Atmospheric drum & bass post called Ghost of Snare the other day, there was a request to share my other dark atmospheric track which is called Dark Times. The darkness of these two tracks are about as far down the nightmarish rabbit hole I want to go with my music and although we're experiencing glorious spring weather at the moment in the UK, some of you still like the dark vibes, so here you go:

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the recording off the radio show that this featured on but I was so happy to hear it get played on local radio, it was the first time I had the experience and I think the DJ was frantically trying to play more uplifting music for the rest of the show after... then to my surprise, she played it again at the end of the show! Legend Louise!

As you might imagine the strain I was going through at the time of the PhD, this was one of my ways of releasing that energy and the name just kinda lived up to the time I was in. Thankfully better days are here and today was an absolute "world flipped upside down" sort of day but in a very good way.

You know how you're just bumbling along and then you'll get a bolt out the blue that could potentially change your life. How about two bolts? Well, two big things happened today and we'll see how both of them go as time goes on but doesn't life just have a funny way of working? I can't say too much right now as I don't want to jinx it but not had a feelgood day like this for a while!

One thing I would say is that if both of those things turn out to be diamonds, my time online will pretty much be up so I'm hopeful I can complete the HiveBloPoMo challenge this month and then you may not see me around as much but I'll do what I can to keep in contact. Posting every day is a real challenge so kudos to everyone who is able to do it.

Hope you enjoy the tune today, seems oxymoronic to post a dark track after sharing some good news - will bring some liquid ones for the final countdown haha!


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Digging this mate, it really tells a story. I don't find that with many songs of this nature.

Happy to hear that some good news has presented itself to you, although I'm a bit gutted you'll be dropping away from your vibe-producing responsibilities here on the platform, lol. Keep us in the loop!

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Thanks for checking this one out @calumam and glad to hear you connected with the story telling behind it!

Hahaha, we will see how it pans out over the next couple of weeks. I may just have to get up a bit earlier to find more time and continue sharing the vibes lol! Will keep you posted!

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I may just have to get up a bit earlier to find more time and continue sharing the vibes

I think this has to be the case mate! I'm fortunate enough to be able to get up early (5am) and spend a couple of hours doing replies and a bit of reading, that may change in the future though, will have to wait and see.

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Damn, I was thinking of maybe getting up at 7am at a push haha! You've got the early bird fully wormed up there!

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I dont like to listen to dark vibes on a daily basis, i'm more of an uplifting person, but I always find it interesting to explore how those songs are made abd hiw they evolve over time!
Yours is quite mysterious and progressive, I enjoyed it! Keep it up. 💯

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I'm with you mate, definitely like the more uplifting vibes and will hopefully share some more today! Thanks for checking out the track, I'm glad you enjoyed this small step in to the darkness :)

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Again, not a problem for me. Use your reward distribution tools how you see fit 🙂