Taking A Break & HiveBloPoMo Final Day

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Hive Blog Posting Month

Here we are, the final day of HiveBloPoMo April 2021 Edition and it's been another tough one but ultimately rewarding! For those of you who don't know, @traciyork set this initiative up for Hive and WordPress bloggers alike to post every day for the month of April and November using the tag #hiveblopomo. To get the full picture of what it's about, see Traci's post here but if you're already on Hive and posting or using other dapps every day, you already know the benefits.

I don't normally post every day but have definitely been posting a lot more frequently since 2021 and was planning on having a little break at the end of March but seeing as Traci is a supportive friend, I wanted to support her back and get involved with this one.

To say this HiveBloPoMo felt tougher than the previous ones is an understatement! 3D life and all of the wonders of that aside, trying to think of original content to share each day is not easy so I tip my hat off to everyone who is able to do that and make a living from it!

Although Hive post rewards aren't guaranteed, my account has grown in HP from 63,856 to 64,314, which is around 450 (that's not including the last 7 days worth of posting by the way) since the 1st April but from a commenting and interactive side, there's definitely been an increase as well and a lot can be said about just showing up every day in that sense. Thanks to everyone who supports my posts and interacts - you're all legends!

Simply put, you do just need to be consistent, it's not rocket science!

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Speaking of Rocket Science...

In the last month, I've realised that I would be a fool to not give a career change into something that I'm interested in a try (Space Science) and although I'll be taking the long way around to get there at least it will be a financially stable one. In the UK, University tuition fees are expensive and I've already been through paying off a student loan debt so I don't want to go through that again! This means I'll be sticking with my customer service day job for now to keep finances in check and when I'm not working, I'll be studying and hopefully by the end of 2022, will have started a new career in the Space Industry!

In the meantime, I got some serious buffing up to do with my knowledge as I'm jumping straight in at the Master's level and I'm a little bit ring rusty with research! Thankfully, being in crypto has actually helped keep some research skills going seeing as one of the mantras is "Do Your Own Research". Who knows, maybe I'll be sharper than before haha!

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Taking A Blogging Break

Essentially, what this means is I'll be taking a break from blogging and being online in general to free up space in my head. Music will also take a break and, to be honest, I have lost the drive to make anything new and only had a bit of a creative spell back in January before getting Blue Screen of Death'd! I might still pop in to comment here and there but I won't be around as much - sorry.

I don't know how long this will be, could be a couple of months, longer, less, tomorrow (ha!) but I have come to realise that I'm only one person with finite resources and I need to focus them. Mental health and work stress awareness month has highlighted to me that I'm definitely feeling the strain from everywhere and it is showing up in symptoms that I don't like so I owe it to those around me in real life to get myself back to happy Havey vs this moody, impatient and snappy person pretending to be Havey. Being offline and outdoors it is!

Moral of the story - look after yourselves.

Take care and here's To Better Days (see the mix below - you didn't think I'd leave you without some drum & bass did you??)


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Well, maybe I got late to the party, since I just met you and you are leaving. But at least I got to know you and your fabulous songs!

I wish you all the joy and fun in this new journey. Space science??? How cool that must be!!! I bet your new beats will be sooooooo awesome!

I hope to see you around soon! Thanks for all you shared!

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Look after yourself fella, it's been a pleasure getting to know you over the past few weeks, I'll be eagerly waiting for your return to the blogging scene.

Solid mix, as usual, I'm gonna need to savour this one!

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Likewise mate, you got some good vibes about you and your POB initiatives are going to go from strength to strength.

Thanks for the support on the mix. There's some unreleased tunes in that mix as well so a taste of future releases!

I just remembered I have 1,000 POB delegated to me. I'm not sure who I need to speak to but it would be remiss of me to keep it if that delegated stake wasn't being used by someone who is active in the community. I guess I just remove my HP delegation to the @proofofbrain account do you know?

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I'm not too sure about the delegation, I'd assume that @proofofbrainio would remove once the HIVE delegation drops off, I've tagged him anyway so they'll see this message, lol.

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Ah ok nice one and before I forget. Credit restored 😉

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Well wow! Best of luck on your wonderful new adventures. It will be very strange not seeing you around. 🥺

Please come back soon.


Thanks a lot Ana 💙 I may still pop on from time to time to comment and dish out some votes here and there but it feels right to just take a step back now and clear the head.

Take care of yourself young lady!

All the best.

I look forward to reading your topics when you get back.


Thanks mate, popping up for air every now and then. Hope you're good

Dude, just wanted to tell you that some of your posts got only a 5% Hive vote but a 100% full one simultaneously on PoB and Leo for example.

You mentioned already a rest so fair enough, you are always welcome to my music community to just drop sounds if you feel like and have motivation for music - we will miss you, me for sure. Take care and do what your head and gut feel tells you.

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Hey mate, thanks so much for the support, I don't mind if it's a 0.01%, the comments hold more value for me so appreciate everything!

I'm feeling better after a week away and will probably be back posting again soon. Just have to take some time to myself as I'm going through some massive changes in the next 12 months - that 3D life hey!

Hope you're well man.

Can I downvote this? Lol


Haha you can do whatever you want 😁

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